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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by podstawek, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. I just got this camera + 2 lenses for very cheap. And I'm very happy.
    The camera can be recognized by the pattern on its mirror. Can you guess what camera I'm so happy to have just bought?
    It needs some cleaning. When I'm done, and run a few rolls through it, I'll post the results.
  2. Topcon RE Super? Oh, you lucky devil.
  3. Yep, Topcon RE for sure...lovely bit of metal...now we need to see the whole thing.
  4. Topcon RE Super it is indeed :)

    I don't know if the black body is any more rare than the silver ones, but never mind rarity. I am happy to have this bit of history in my hands, and to be able to shoot with it soon. The 1.4 58mm lens, also black, needs aperture blades cleaning (they are a bit lazy when opening/closing). The 135 mm lens (aluminium) is good to start shooting with.
    The body itself, although cosmetically not very good, is in what seems perfect working condition, including the meter (checked with 1.5V battery for now, shows 2LV difference compared to calibrated light meters).
    Thanks for commenting :)
  5. Ah yes. Be careful, Topcons multiply like rabbits; After buying my first, I now have 8 of them and the lens range from 20 to 300 mm. They start to take up a lot of room, are heavy to move around, and can make your spouse exhibit symptoms of frustration.
    The 58 is a great lens and a thing of beauty. The 135 is no slouch either except a bit slow in aperture, but very sharp IMO. You'll love your photos. Hearing aid batteries (675?) should get you better meter readings. Put a #9 o-ring around the battery and a little ball of aluminum foil on top of the battery so it makes good contact with the battery cover.
  6. And a metal battery cover.
  7. Handsome, you're right to be pleased!
  8. Handsome is as handsome does....Despite the cosmetic flaws it's a lovely piece of kit, Adam. Be sure to show us some of it's work!
  9. A beauty and a bit of a rare bird, methinks. Will be interested to see the results.
  10. Definitely the RE Super is rarer in black. Same with the lenses, all the ones with mixed-case "beauty rings" are quite rare in black.
    The 58/1.4 is far more subject to oily aperture blades than other RE Topcor reasons. Due to the small lens mount throat, the optical block and front element have to be large in diameter for a fast lens. To keep the lens from being "fat", there are gaps in one of the helical sections where the anti-rotation guides are. Those gaps let the oil from the breaking-down helical grease migrate into the aperture mechanism.
    Remove the set-screws to remove the front ring, then remove the retaining ring, and you can easily pull out the optical block. Unscrew the two cells from the aperture mechanism, and clean it with lots of lighter fluid.
  11. Thank you all for your kind responses.
    Dennis, I don't doubt one can get addicted to Topcons. I am already in awe of how smooth the advance mechanism is, and how delicate the machine seems when handled despite the bulky size and squarish design.
    John, thank you for the valuable input. I did not realize versions with mixed- and non-mixed-case beauty rings differed by rarity of occurence. The more happy I am to come into possession of this set (body + 58mm + 135mm -- the last item is aluminium, not black though). Everything for roughly $85. Also thank you for the cleaning instructions, they will definitely come handy. I received more advice from a kind contributor to mflenses forum, complete with pictures. That + your hints + some experience I have repairing cameras should suffice.
    I will start working on the camera in a week or two, then I'll post the results here. Thank you all again.
  12. Nice!
  13. Lucky You. Great price and what a bonanza of rare goodies. Hope to see a post soon! Good luck getting the kit cleaned up for action.
  14. Ooh, it's black...mmm.

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