A real patriot

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  1. U.S. Grant statue at the Capitol
  2. dianne-feinstein_9956-ww.jpg
    dianne feinstein, ca senator and former mayor of sf arriving at a march for our lives rally
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  3. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    The Signer, Carpenter's Hall, Philadelphia
    DSC_4133 (683x1024).jpg
  4. Bonnie Prince Charlie not everyone's idea of a patriot
  5. Pick any one. American Cemetery at Normandy, France.

    France 041D American Cemetery.jpg
  6. Edith Cavell statue, London Lon990_web0.jpg
    "Patriotism is not enough....."
  7. Christian V - King of Denmark and Norway

  8. 0041a Reflejo Anciano Bandera-NAIS20.jpg
    Nikkor AIs 20 on D2X (croped picture)​

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