A rather strange non ttl 0.85 M6

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  1. Dear All:
    I just bought a non ttl 0.85 in a camera shop in London. And I find it is quite strange.
    As you can see in the pictures I attached.
    Firstly it does not have the leica red logo on it; there is a small black cap instead. And I can’t take it off.
    Also on the top of the camera there is no the line which is indicate ‘ernst leitz wetzlar gmbr’ and the S/N is in black, also it is 2,415,062 which is quite early one.
    I am just curious is this a special one or it is been modified?
    If you can answer me I will be very appreciate.
    Best Regards
  2. I'm no expert but it looks to me as though the red dot has been painted over. As far as the top plate goes... I've seen M6 TTL's like that but haven't seen too many classics and don't know what engravings they have. The thing I find strange is the lack of red dot on the lens release button, the different cover on the battery door, and the lack of ID in the VF (0.85). But as I said I'm no expert.
  3. Hi Andrew thanks for reply,
    the red dot of my other leica m6 it is not painted but engraved, so if this one was painted over the red dot, we still should see leica or leitz on it. but it is more like a black dot have been replaced the red one
    the ID in the VF is actually there, just because of light so it is not showing on the picture.
    i am also not sure about the lens release button and the battery door....
  4. SCL


    Did the camera shop you bought it from have any provenance info on the camera? Did you pay a premium for the "unusualness"?
  5. I also have a 0.85 non-ttl. I do not have it with me, but the markings look very similar to mine. I would be concerned about the lack of engaving of 0.85 on the lower outside edge of the VF window. Could the body be one that started life as a 0.72 and had the VF changed? I velieve Stephen Gandy has a partial list of 0.85's on his website. The sn on mine is 2423xxx. Try taking a look at this site.
    Mark J.
  6. Your M6 Non TTL is refered to as an M6 Classic and is not strange or unque other than there were only about 3000 0.85 finder models made. It is identical in all respects to one i own except it came with a red dot with Leica script and the supplied screw battery cover has been replaced by one sold by Leica with a slot to make removal and tightening more secure. I have one on my M6 Classic also. Top markings are exactly as they should be. Serial # on mine is 24152xx so your M6 is right in the range.-Dick
  7. Except for the black 'red dot' it's exactly like mine, as well. The serial number of my M6 0.85 'Classic' is 24236xx.

    I would like to have one of those black dots without Leica script...if you ever find out where it came from, please let us know.
  8. Only the earliest M6 classics (all with .72 finders) were made in Wetzlar. The later ones (and all with .85 High Mag finders) were made in Solms Germany, and marked on the back like yours. Some people make much of the red dot and most don't. Here is more info on the red dot.
  9. It looks as though a previous owner wanted a sort-of stealth look, and did some simple custom modifications do achieve that. It looks as though he/she removed white paint from the serial number and the Leica M6 logo on the front, and the red paint from the lens release button (quite easy to do, btw, and no harm done), and replaced the red dot with that solid black thing. The battery cover is indeed a replacement Leica offered. Otherwise, this seems to be a standard 0.85 M6 classic- which was only produced in small numbers, don't forget.
    As David points out, only the very early Wetzlar made M6's had the engraved line of script across the back of the top plate. If this camera had that line, it would indicate that the either the top plate or the finder had been replaced. In that case, an early serial number would tell you that the camera had had the 0.85 finder installed later; a late number would mean that it had an earlier top plate mounted. In any case, this doesn't apply to your camera, so never mind. Enjoy using it!

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