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  1. Hello. I have a 50mm summicron DR M mount lens. There appears to be some, not quite fungus, but probably blow off from lubricant behind the first or second element. Not disrupting use at the moment. The front lens is ok, the final lens element in the lens cluster is also ok (when I take out the lens cluster).

    I'd like a recommendation of someone to clean it. I used to have a local tech - rural Oz - but he's gone to glory. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Regards, Arthur.
  2. I can recommend Gus Lazzari-TLC Camera Repair, High Point NC. He just returned 2 50 Elmar 3.5 LTM lenses as restored as possible. Leitz iris and mount lubricants can etch very soft lens element coatings and lens surfaces. A third Elmar 3.5 50 lens, although the newest of the three had such severe gassing erosion of the inner elements and coatings from iris and mount lubricant along with coating rub off and scratches that it wasn't worth trying to restore so Gus returned it marked "out of service". When Gus receives your lens, he will due an evaluation and send you the results with his restoration cost estimate. He also restored a 90 Elmar f4 Collapsible M that came back in far better shape than I could hope for. As a use recommendation, Gus also makes a point that Leica lenses should only be stored with the Iris wide open to prevent lubricant migration. He has a backlog so you'll need a time to completion estimate. John Van Stelten, well known Leica lens restoration service, has been retired for several years. As far as I know, no one bought his service and is doing just lenses.
  3. SCL


    If you're in the USA other repair persons worth considering are Don Goldberg (DAG ) and Youxin Ye.Give them a Google and then call or email them to discuss your issue. There's lots of information on all of these repairpersons in the Collectors and Historica section (under the repairpersons header) in the Leica Forum (L-camera-forum.com). Sherry Krauter also comes to mind, although I haven't used her for several years. If you're looking for someone outside of the USA there are a number of repairpersons, especially in the UK listed with comments.
  4. Thanks for the advice and recommendations. Much appreciated. Have a safe and enjoyable festive season. Regards, Arthur
  5. Arthur there's a place that has a customer's Youtube video raving about "Camera Clinic" in Melbourne. Might be worth checking out, they seem to be an "official" repair place, which could translate out to expensive. A Reddit thread touts "Vintech" also in Melbourne and some one cites "European Camera Service". It appears to be a Leica trained technician, his website is: Front Page - European Camera Service.
    I know nothing about any of them, but I thought since they are in Oz it might be handier for you.
  6. Thanks Barry. I've spoken to Melbourne's Camera Clinic (they also do Infra Red adaptations - which I'm considering for an old Nikon D7000 in the New Year). I have used Melbourne's 'European Camera Service' in the past. Highly recommended, but from recollection, he is selective on what he does. I'm not rushing to do the repair, as the lens is serviceable at the moment. Though it's a risk: the lubricants leica used when gassing out apparently can etch the glass. Have a safe and joyous Christmas. Regards, Arthur.
  7. BTW, when searching for old Leica lenses, you will note that the more honest sellers note "cleaning marks" very often. Early lens coatings in general were often very fragile so professional help is a good idea.
  8. Hi Barry, just thought I'd let you know, have sent the lens to Camera Clinic, they will do it, but are closing down in April. Could not contact European Camera Clinic, as he is off-line. I think I read one comment on the increasing difficulty of getting technicians who can work on leica's. What was Cicero reported as saying, 'the years blow us away as the gale blows away fallen leaves, and it cannot be helped'. Thanks again for your advice. Regards, Arthur

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