A question regarding SF40 and it's TTL capacity on an M6 TTL

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  1. This follows up an earlier post. I have an M6 TTL and a monochrom. I read an earlier post that the sf40 flash supports TTL flash with the M6. I think it was Gus who posted this. We are off on a holiday soon (flybuys - with strict weight limits - so each gram matters - if I can do without taking the flash for the M6 and just rely on TTL for both the monochrom and the M6 with an sf40, that would be good. Advice sought. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1).
  2. I'm not sure what you are asking here Arthur. But, the SF 40 should support flash on the M6ttl and the Monochrome. It will work in auto but NOT til on a M6 Classic. But since you are taking the M6 TTL, you will get TTLl flash on the M6 TTL and the Monochrome as well. What's confusing me is this ". . . - if I can do without taking the flash for the M6 and just rely on TTL for both the monochrom and the M6 with an sf40, that would be good.. . .". If you mean just take the 1 flash (SF 40), then yes, that will work for both.
  3. Yes, Uhooru, that was what I was asking, and you've answered my question. I have the flash for the M6, but given the weight restrictions of our domestic carriers, I was hoping to get away with just one flash. To be more fool me, I should have just tried it out to see if it worked. But frightened about trigger voltages. I've just about paid off the monochrom; now (would you believe) thinking of a M240 for colour (I've had to use my aged Nikon DX for some shots over the last few days - haven't used it for some time - a subject of other posts. It was a trial). Thanks for your reply. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1). If I had the capacity, and if my bees were remotely amenable - it's been a bad season last year for honey, not looking good for the season we're going into - I'd send you some honey as thanks. Thanks again.
  4. Arthur, I'm trying to get bees and flowers closeup pictures with a Visoflex setup. Do you have any advice on best methods to do bee pictures?
  5. Christopher - not much help I'm afraid. Being a beekeeper, my only suggestion is that when it's cold (eg 14 - 16C), bees tend to be slower. They retain their cluster below about 14C. Not much help, I know. Best wishes. Avoid stings: no heavy deodarants, no BO. We resemble in shape and smell their natural predator, Paddington Bear. If stung, the sting itself gives off an 'attack' pheromone which attracts other bees to attack. If stung, decamp smartly. Some bees will 'follow' for up to 10 - 15 meters. And if disturbed, a colony will send out 'scouts' - usually the older bees past use for foraging. We sometimes have very sad stories here in Oz of timber getters and linesmen getting attacked. About a 100 stings, and well, good night, Irene. I have an epipen at home, for such events. I've only ever been stung up extensively once (fortunately 'saved' by my neighbour - couldn't hold a 12 frame box and dropped it, toppling the colony. He turned the hose on me, thank heavens). Hope it goes well. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  6. So, having paid off the monochrom debt, now acquired an M type 240, and renewed debt. And the same question about TTL flash - will the type 240 support TTL flash with the sf40. I've done a few preliminary shots, and they're all blown out. I'll keep experimenting. I may be able to post some colour shots soon (though, I bought it because my good wife wants to visit someone in Tasmania, so we're off in October. Never been there before, but have seen some beautiful shots; so, colour calls. But back to reality - flash compatibility for the M type 240?. Arthur (apiarist1)
  7. I picked up an SF40 and have used it on both my M262 and MP240. Works "ok" but it's a fairly flimsy (over-priced Nissin i40 knockoff basically) unit with the worst battery door design I've ever seen on a flash and the control wheels on the back move way too easily. To be honest, Leica should be ashamed in putting their badge on this unit.
  8. Thanks Greg M, I'll fiddle with it a bit. Yes, that's been my experience with it on the monochrom - the dials just have to be brushed and they move. And it has an uncanny knack of turning itself on at the oddest of times, and draining the batteries. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)

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