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Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by joshschutz, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. i have recently seen that you can pull a pretty good photo from a phone. could anyone suggest a quality phone/camera? less than $100 please.
  2. A good quality camera phone is one which allows you to make a call inside a steel building or anywhere in Lake Forest, Illinois. Samsung works for me.
  3. Agree, quality phone is the one with long battery life, good reception and fast response, hehe..
    Seriously, as far as I know, 'good' camera phones are usually from Sony but the Samsung Viewty looks nice too. But then I much rather have a super slim pocket cam than using a camera phone. But with less than a hundred for a budget, I doubt you can get a phone with good quality cam.
  4. less than a 100.00?.? Define quality; priorities of use matrix.
  5. I second the others. If you want a good camera phone, the Sony Ericsson Cybershot phones and the Nokia N82, N96, and N95 are good choices. Those range in the $300 and up without a contract. I haven't heard about the new Samsungs or LGs but I suggest to check out http://www.gsmarena.com and http://www.mobile-review.com/index-en.shtml since they do a really fair comparison.
  6. My LG dare is actually quite decent. 3.2 mp Schneider-Kreuznach lens. I mean, the photos aren't superb but they are quite surprsing. I think its around $100 for a 2 year contract. I've also been VERY happy with the quality of the phone, call quality, and strength of Verizon network (in NYC).
  7. This is a question I get asked a fair bit, as I sell cell phones. My experience is that a $75 camera and a $75 phone will, together, out perform a $200+ camera phone, and both the prints and camera return rates bear me out.

    It's only if one considers and actually uses the other benefits of higher end phones (generally data related features) that the comparison becomes more fair.

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