A Prediction - The Leica SL-2 is Comming Soon

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  1. Not that I have a particularly great track record predicting Leica's 'top secret' new products, but I have one anyway.

    Within the next 4-months (by the end of January 2019) Leica will introduce the 'next gen' predecessor to the SL - the SL-2.

    Specs will (minimally) include:
    * > 40mp FF sensor;
    * 4k 60p video;
    * A sleeker, less edgy, mirrorless body;
    * ISO topping out at ~50,000.
    * Release price will be set at ~$7,495 USD.

    So there you go. ...
  2. I think that Leica is doing the right thing - partnering with Sigma and Panasonic to make the L mount a serious contender. I think that Leica absolutely must leap-frog the big three (Sony, Nikon, Canon) in at least one area. They had done so for a while, giving the SL a higher frame rate than the D4, for example. But then came the D5. Perhaps 6K video? Perhaps more DR?

    I predicted - and still predict - a larger sensor coming up. Why else would the lenses be so big?

    The partnership will give the L system more latitude - in terms of pricing and lens array. Some would want the Leica lenses but be happier with the Panasonic body, for example. I do think that the system needs a pair of f/4 zooms - 24-90 and 70-200. Maybe Sigma will make those? It also needs a 400/2.8 that can compete on price.

    Personally I'm an APS-C guy. But I would love for the SL system to take off big time. I know for sure that I would love using the SL, regardless. A lot of people have said that the files are above those from the competition. It wouldn't surprise me. Personally, I'm liking the Fujis more and more.
  3. A Prediction - The Leica SL-2 is Coming Soon
    Doh!!! I posted earlier on my smartphone and let this get by. ...
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