A picture from my Nikon F100

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  1. Just finished up a roll of Fuji Superia 400 shot on my F100 and AF Nikkor 35-105 f3.5-4.5D lens. It's a picture of an old Chevy in a gravel covered field. This was the first time out with the F100 in a couple of years, I'd forgotten how much I liked using this old but somewhat modern AF camera. I also enjoyed using the lens, it was my go to lens for many years.
  2. Neat shot. That poor old vehicle looks the way I feel in my old age. I don't think there is any other camera that fits my
    hand so well.
  3. The N90s/F90x and F100 were sweet cameras--inexpensive and not hard to find in nice shape. Never get why some dis them in favor of relics in film camera recommendation threads.
  4. That's a very nice shot -- especially coming from Superia 400. I've never been very fond of that emulsion, but you've done well with it.
    I've never used an F100, but I've read more than once that, if you can't afford an F5, the F100 is the next closest thing. Well, I'm not even sure I need all the capabilities of the F100. I've recently become enamored of what I believe was one of the last non-pro Nikon film cameras made, the N80. I've owned a couple of 'em, one QD and one regular, and I gotta say that I really love the performance, and the fit -- it's like it was made for my right hand. So comfortable to hold, I don't want to lay it down. No its motor drive does not have blazing speed, but I've never been one for that sort of thing anyway in my photography. And it may not have a bazillion segments for metering or AF, but it works well enough for my needs. What I especially like about it is its light weight and just how quiet it is. It has all the functions I'm ever likely to need on a film camera, plus a bunch that I'm not likely to need. And one can have all this for 1/4 to 1/2 the price of an F100. Which makes me wonder if I'll ever spring for an F100. Perhaps some day. But I might just save up for a bit longer and go ahead and get the F5 instead. For me, it would make sense, since I own an F, two F2s, an F3 and an F4. There's that open spot for the F5 that'll have to be filled one of these days.
  5. Lovely image! I just finished a roll of Portra 160 on my F100. I have a N90, N90s, F100, F5 and F6 all with their own particular advantages. I love the F100. It fits my hand perfectly and is almost always in my car. I agree with C Watson that these AF SLRs are readily available and superb pieces of engineering. They all store downloadable shooting data and work with modern lenses. I think they are the true undiscovered treasures of a photography world dominated by digital.
  6. Very cool picture, Mark. Even though I'm primarily a Canon user, I've owned (and still own) a number of Nikons that have become some of my absolute favorites. One of these is the F100, which I shot opposite a Canon 1v for a few years. The AF on the 1v was superior but still excellent on the F100. The main reason I liked the F100 was that it felt so good to hold and operate. I enjoyed handling it just as much as the 1v which, at the time, was my favorite camera. I sold it a couple of years ago but have recently been seriously considering buying another one...I just might!

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