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  1. In our times, it seems appropriate to ask such questions before acting.

    I have few photographs, well a set of photographs that I made on the photographing nature, and the set frankly and openly depicts "Natural selection" in the world of birds. Depiction may be somewhat "very frank" or some would say "graphical".

    I like to think of photography as an art, and not a form of entertainment, and art has to be honest. So, would it be acceptable to post such photos publicly ? How ca I tell the right from wrong channels through which to display such work ?
  2. Having not seen them, I can only say it sounds like it would be acceptable to post them.
    You can submit them to certain publications or web sites and they'll let you know if they want to present them. That won't make anything right or wrong, but it's a practical way to see what different venues are interested in displaying.

    When you make your photos public, there will likely be some people who will find some social, political, or aesthetic objection to them. It's good if you go into it feeling that you're providing something worthwhile. You can take the reactions for what they're worth, either letting them influence you or standing firm in your own judgment about them. That will depend on the reactions and how they strike you.
  3. You can add a third definition of photography, that of documentation, evidence. Obviously, the goal would be to strive to depict the subject in a clear and (as much as humanly possible) unbiased fashion.

    Without having seen the photos in question, it sounds like they fall under this category.

    I have hundreds of photos of fish farms, seashores, coastal erosion from a previous existence as a marine science student. They are not artistic, but they served a purpose and arguably, in some respects, have more historical value than, say, a beautiful sunset.
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  4. This topic has been addressed by those of us with more 'puritan' minds in the past:

    Rampant Sexual Imagery on Photo.net

    Some animals are inherently improper, like these camels (strictly dromedaries)
    Humping at the dromedary market​

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