A Nikon forum, please

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by cd thacker, Jun 8, 2002.

  1. First of all, kudos for adding the new forums (or porting them over
    from greenspun.com) - in particular, this one - a needed improvement.
    But now let me mention another improvement: Might we have a Nikon
    forum - to go with our two "new" Canon forums? <P>

    As you know, many people use Nikon equipment, including yours truly.
    And while I appreciate that use of and loyalty toward Canon has
    increased in recent years, there is still a great pool of Nikon
    questions and answers, to go along with its enthusiasts. In any
    event, thanks again for the great job you're doing.
  2. Just go to http://www.nikonians.org for Nikon forums. Non-biassed (everyone there knows Nikon is the best <BG>) towards Canon of course and not afraid to mention the good points of 3rd party equipment :)
  3. I second the motion!

    I have an FE and am considering modernizing to an FE2
  4. Own 3 Nikon - an original FM, 6006, and an N80. It's not a question of who is better, which camera is better, etc. It's a question of helping ALL of us be better photographers, where ever we live and whatever we shoot with.
  5. I'd also like to see a Nikon forum. I have an old F2, and Nikkormat EL, along with 5 or so lenses. I could use some help sometimes with them and suggestions. Dosn't seem fair the Canon gets one and not us.
  6. The Canon forums came over from LUSENET on greenspun.com. There were some Nikon forums there also; but they had never taken off. This may be because there are so many other Nikon forums on the net.

    Is there sufficient interest on photo.net in a Nikon forum to support a new one here? Would photo.net members prefer a forum here to whatever other Nikon forum(s) they may be visiting?
  7. here is photo.net's Nikon forum
  8. Thanks for pointing that out, Elliot. Now I know where to find it! :)

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