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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by paul_neuthaler, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Leaving tomorrow with wife and son for 10 days all over France (Paris, Avignon, Nice, etc.) -- can't decide whether to take my 21mm 1:4 Super AngulonR and a Leicaflex or my Hasselblad SWC/M with its 38mm 1:4.5 Biogon. Can only take one.
  2. Take the Leica, and the leave the wife, son, and Hasselblad at home.
  3. My choice for a travel outfit would be an M2 with 35/50/90. This kit would cover most situations. My Weston Master IV meter would complete the outfit. No batteries required. Have a good trip Paul.
  4. With the family in tow, I'd take the Leicaflex.
  5. I would say the opposite, if you are only going to bring one lens for the R, then bring the swc...it is more compact and
    has a larger negative.
  6. Take the Hasselblad; isn't that what sons were made for? You can't go wrong with an SW/C. Plus your travel photos will have a certain snap when you project them with a Hasselblad 2-1/4 projector. Invite all your friends over, then tell them you're going to have a slide show of your travel photos. Watch them look for the door, then watch their mouths fall open as they see their first image—make it a good one.
  7. Paul, it's the day before you depart and you are just sorting this out? :)
    I assume that you have plenty of film for both cameras.
    Without a doubt take the Hasselblad!
  8. Purely based on the lens and format, there's no question I'd take the Hassy with two backs.
    Even better if you have a patient family.
    If you're taking small impatient kids with you, I'd bring the flex.
    Have fun !
  9. Take the Hassie Superwide.My friend Jeff has done amazing shots with his. The only problem is the film..12 per roll. Many years ago, thru Paris, had rolls developed. Very bad quality control. If it's B/W bring home.Why only one? Ya gotta take your M3 and the Summicron..Enjoy! Bon Journee!
  10. Is that going to be your only focal length? I mean, would you be taking any other lenses with the Leicaflex? If it's just the one focal length then I'd also opt for the SWC. (It's probably more equivalent to a 24 than a 21 and therefore less 'specialist'.) I agree that the bigger negative has got to be the decider.
    But if you would take more than one lens, take the Leica.
  11. Agree you may need a normal as well as a wide angle lens. As you will probably have to take the films out of their boxes for airport checks, the cassette might be more practical, with its tongue hanging out for easy visibility. You are going to do very much in ten days, so lightness and rapidity of operation may be important to you. I would also take low ISO film, in case you have to put the films through the machine (By all means do not put them in checked luggage where they get too much of a blast from X rays). I found 50 and 100 ISO films quite resistant to the X rays but wouldn't chance anything more sensitive.
  12. If only one lens for each camera then the Hasselblad wins. Bigger neg and if you need tele, then just crop :)
  13. Take the Hasselblad SWC/M without a doubt. Greatest point and shoot ever made!
  14. Thanks for all your input: takin' the SWC with 5 rolls of 24-shot Portra 400 VC.
    Au Revior!
  15. Everything with a SWC/M lens means you will have some different faces when you shoot your wife and son in a frame or two...it is not the ideal portrait lens. A very, very good lens for scenic images.
  16. Good luck on your trip, Paul. I hope the weather cooperates. Based on my last three trips overseas, I think film is too much hassel and your choice of equipment seems to be fairly specialized, but that is just my shooting preferences. I am in my 70s and rheumatoid arthritis slows me down, so I go with flexible digital zooms.

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