A new trick to stay at the top of Top Rated?

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by maurik, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. It seems that there is a new trick to get to the top and stay on the
    top of the "Top rated" photo list. I'm not sure how it is done, but it
    seems you submit a photo, get 3 or 4 7/7 ratings, then withdraw the
    photo from getting more ratings, and presto, one stays at the top and
    get a lot views.<br>
    Ok, I am being cynical (but maybe I got your attention), this is
    probably not what is happening, but some coding error has allowed a
    few top rated photos to remain on the list without giving other users
    an opportunity to rate them. OOPS, I just noticed that another coding
    error does not allow me to read this message once posted.<br>
    I which all of the Photo.net experts the best of luck in finding the
    problems, which is often very difficult! Thanks for running this site.
  2. It's working as designed (or rather, it's broken as designed):
    1. Upload picture
    2. Get a few 7/7 mate ratings
    3. Submit photo for critique only. This means that it keeps the current ratings, but can not receive additional ratings.
    • That's an old trick.
  3. Ug. I hope it's also a quit route to banishment (yes, I know, there is no true banishment on the internet).

    I thought that submittal for critique only erased all previous ratings?
  4. Depressing to find out this trick is indeed being use, as is evident from the current top rated photo: http://www.photo.net/photo/3255022 and the one after it: http://www.photo.net/photo/3253977 Either photo would have rated down by now, according to the critiques.
    I appreciate knowing how it's done. Now, how is it undone?
    I am still assuming these people did not do this on purpose.
  5. "I am still assuming these people did not do this on purpose"

  6. Some people enjoy gaming the system. Nothing new...
  7. Ok, I am naive. Or maybe an optimist. If this was rigging these photos need to be deleted. Perhaps these users need to be booted off, seems easy to tell who did the rigging.
  8. "Perhaps these users need to be booted off, seems easy to tell who did the rigging"

    Or, perhaps they'll be given the benefit of the doubt. Again and again and again.
  9. I checked it out. The first five are mediocre at best. Amazing to me that they care so much about being first, that they contrived to put themselves on first page...makes everything on that first page look dull and boring. Mary
  10. Simple solution. If an image has ratings turned off, don't display it on the TRP. Shouldn't be too hard to do (easy for me to say of course!).
  11. This is really interesting. I think I've figured it out.

    1. Post an image and get your friends to rate it 7/7.

    2. Withdraw image and it remains a perfect 7/7.

    3. No one is the wiser.

    I my view, anyone who does this sort of thing is insecure. A true
    artist disdains ratings and false glory.

    Are you reading this, Bob? Is this "featured critics" kind of
  12. I am very surprised that this behaviour is being tolerated. It really detracts significantly from the value of this site. Sure, we all aspire to the first page, but not if we or others get there falsely. I assume someone is working on a software fix, but in the meantime I would prefer that the offending pictures be manually removed.
  13. My understanding (and experience) is that, once you submit for "critique only", any ratings the photo has received are automatically deleted. I think it even says this on the submission form.
  14. All systems can be gamed. The answer to this is don't aspire to the front page. Just concentrate on your art. Frankly, I rarely look at the first page of any art site because of this very thing.
    Look through the random images to find the work YOU think is best. Takes longer, true, but your impressions are uncluttered by the fact that the image is "supposed" to be good.
    Not trying to be preachy here, it's just that looking at "top rated" work is often frustrating and disheartening. Don't do it to yourself. lol
    Oh God, this is an old thread! - Nevermind, the issue is probably fixed by now! ^____^

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