A New (to me) Olympus OM10

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  1. My first 35mm camera back in school was an Olympus OM10. I can't tell you how many rolls I shot through that thing through college and grad school and later on until I made the transition to digital. I eventually gave that camera to my nephew over 10 years ago. Lately, I've been wanting another and found one on the SGW auction site for $11.75.
    It's funny, but I've been reading some old threads here about the OM10 and all the negative things folks have to say about it. I never had a problem with my original one and the one I just got, after a little clean up, looks and seems to work as new. The batteries in the camera (LR44's) when I removed the camera from it's packaging fired the camera right up. I'll replace them with fresh SR44's before I run a roll of film through it, but so far, I'm impressed. It's still a nice little, simple to use camera.
    Is it as good as the single-digit OM's? Of course not. But, for what I plan to do with it, it's perfect. Even the seals are in decent shape. I'll end up replacing them but they're fine for now.
    Anyway, just thought I'd share.
  2. Probably the best $11.75 you'll ever spend...We had OM10's with the manual adapters as "family cameras" for years, and they performed faultlessly, soaking up quite a heap of teenage mis-handling along the way. I still love the light weight, the silky shutter release and that bright viewfinder...Very similar to the later Minoltas, in many ways.They may not have all the sophistication of their more expensive OM siblings, but it's the same great Zuiko glass producing the images. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I always loved the viewfinders on the OM cameras.
    Despite some negativity on the www, also very fine lenses in my own limited experience.
    If you can, show us some pictures taken with it.
  4. Similar story here :) My first SLR was a used OM 20 back in 1994. Then I went Nikon AF, then Nikon DSLR (same D70
    for 10 years). My digital SLR is now an OM-D 10, and my best friend Richard gifted me his OM 10 about a year ago. So
    far, the first roll looks great - I have complemented the 50/1.8 with a 200/4.0 and hope to get a wide for my birthday.
    Really nice camera.

    Please share some pictures, Bruce - I will do so myself, when I can scan again in a couple of weeks...
  5. Bought an OM10 in the '80. Used it for years until the shutter had some trouble (twice). Replaced it by an OM1. Never looked back.
  6. The OM10 was not available when I bought my OM-1 so I never had a need for another camera when the OM10 came out. Besides, I was hooked on interchangeable screens, (always had 1-10 matte w/grid screens in all my OM's) and could never have got along with split wedge with microprism collar messing up my view. Olympus must have sold a boatload of them though. When people see my OM-1 many comment "Oh I had an Olympus, an OM10". I think they were very popular.
  7. The OM-10F was the last Olympus SLR we stocked at the family camera shop, but of course we did have the original OM-10 as well. We even had the life size Cheryl Tiegs cardboard cutout of her holding the OM-10. IIRC, the slogan was "so advanced, it's simple". I picked up a used OM-G (based on OM-10, I think) about 10 years ago to go with a couple of NIB Zuiko's that my dad gave me from leftover camera shop stock.
    Congrats on your acquisition, Bruce. Definitely money well spent. While the OM-10 (and also my OM-G) don't have the build quality or ability to accept some of the accessories, it is nevertheless, a very capable camera that should serve you well.
  8. Here's a link to one of Cheryl Tieg's TV commercials for the OM-10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5jcG8n4xg4
  9. I'll be sure to post some pics from my first roll I shoot. I have a couple other "new" cameras to shoot as well, so it might take a few weeks. I also won an OM winder off the bay that should arive this week. I do a lot of shooting down on the Shore and have lost a number of shots on my Mamiya 645 Pro because I wasn't ready/film advanced. So, I've been tryign to get winders for the film cameras I shoot the most with. I've also got a Canon A-1, AE-1 Program, and an AV-1 and they all use the Canon winder 2, which is sweet. The best thing about all of this is how affordable it all is as long as you are willing to do a little clean up, replace some seals, etc. Thankfully, from help on forums such as this and other web sites, the info is usually there to guide you :)

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