A new 'Jobo CPP3,' in time for Xmas?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by marc_batters, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. A new Jobo processor is 'in-the-works.' Make sure you're 'nice,' not 'naughty' for the rest of the year.
    I'll definitely want to be on Santa's good side this fall.
    I contacted Rodney Bates, Sales Director, at Firstcall Photographic Limited, UK.
    The CPP3 will be dual voltage, so it's compatible with N.America line voltage.
    It will be made by Gummersbach in Germany. No info, as yet, regarding US distributor or final price.
    Unit will come with 12 month warranty, but again, no info yet for N.American service center, if any.
    Anyway, Oh happy days...!
  2. It will undoubtedly be out of my price range, but I would dearly love to have one.
  3. Good to see film related machinery and I hope it sells in the volume required to keep film going for a few more years!
  4. I'm gonna guess that the price will put this out of reach for most.....and therefore not really assist us film users in any meaningful way.
  5. A friend of mine recently offered me her old "desktop film processor" if I would just come and take it. When I got there I was astonished at how big this thing was. Barely fit in my trunk. It is a Jobo CPA2 with quite a few tanks and gizmos. I had only vaguely heard of Job before that introduction. Now I have one.
    So far, I haven't tackled setting it up. I am not sure how and where I will do that. I have no water or drain in the garage, and I doubt the misses will want it on the kitchen counter top.
    Question: Do most people set these up with permanent plumbing? Right now, I do my 120 and 35mm film in Paterson tanks. I plan to get a 4 x 5 rig soon too. I don't think right now I would be making a DR for prints. So, it will be film only.
    Considering how quickly I do Paterson processing, I wonder if this big red machine is more time consuming than benefit if all I am doing is film?
  6. For color, my Jobo CPE-2+ is indispensable. I use it with multi-reel tanks in order to keep the amount of time spent processing a given batch to a minimum (since I am strictly a weekend hobbyist photographer, with a family, so time is of the essence).
    I haven't been able to get into the print side of things (not even B&W), but hope to someday. Knowing that Jobo is going to be restarting production of even just one processor implies that they will also be restarting production of the accessories that go along with it, namely reels and tanks, which for quite a while now have been selling at exorbitant prices online. This will also hopefully spur more sales of color film and chemical products, and to me offers a glimmer of hope that we may not see the demise of C-41 or E-6 anytime soon.
    Fingers crossed (and put me down for one new CPP-3 when it ships!)
  7. Quick reply to m stephens' question about permanence - I use mine only when needed. It is usually stored in the basement, and I bring it out into the kitchen (yes wife approves!), usually in the morning, to fill with water and bring the first batch of chemicals to temperature (it takes about an hour if you start with cold tap water). Do a few runs, then drain, clean, and store back in the basement 'til next time.
  8. Guy E.,
    Thanks! That's actually very encouraging. Yeah, maybe I can see doing that.
  9. The main thing people want is more accessories and spare parts for existing units. The Jobo line is pretty failure prone, and there's tons of them out there (used ones) w/o enough spare parts to keep them all running. I think most film users that have or want a jobo have one already, and probably don't give a fig about a new jobo product (esp. at $2500+). But I expect they might care a lot about new spare parts.
    For most uses, there's better products. For film-only, the Phototherm SSK-4 or SSK8 kicks any Jobos ass up and down the street. It doesn't do prints but does everything else up to 4x5 (or 8x10 with some customization) far better and faster than a jobo.
    For color prints, any good print processor will beat using a jobo and doing one or two prints at a time. Throughput of something like a fujimoto CP-31 will run rings around a jobo for RA4 prints, and is better built, and still supported by spare parts.
  10. Sidekick processors are very expensive (far more expensive then an equivalent used Jobo), and have a very limited capacity per run, are rare on the used market, but i gotta say they are cool looking if a bit useless at that.
    I have not yet seen anyone using a sidekick for 4X5, and in any case running 2 or 4 sheets max per run would not be very effective, especially when one can run 12 sheets per run on a CPE2...
    CP-31 is a nice machine, but is not very reliable (BTW it was also marketed by Jobo when they were in the US), not to mention has a fairly large footprint, not so great in low capacity and so on. Using a densitometer and a good enlarger one can make very high volume RA-4 CIBA or any other process on a Jobo quite easily, with perfect repeatable results.
    Jobo spare parts are available for almost all machines... just google it...
    Either way its amazing news that there is someone out there who is going into production for a NEW film based product!
  11. This is incredible! How very exciting!
  12. Let's not get ahead of Jobo on this one. I haven't heard any mention of a Jobo press release for a new film/print processor (the new CPP3). Firstcall photographic may know something the rest of us don't, but let's not put the "cart before the horse," just yet.
  13. Why so skeptical?
    Ive seen it from a few sources, some of which seen to be in touch directly with jobo:
    for instance...

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