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  1. Due to the rise of iOS/android devices, software such as Instagram, and the quickening pace of mobile camera development, I thought it was high time that we started a forum on Photo.net based around phone and mobile photography. Smartphones have replaced point and shoot cameras for many of us. And unlike p&s cameras, smartphones now have a extensive array of software choices available that allow you to not only shoot photos on the go, but post-process them as well. There are a lot of excellent photographers doing some really interesting things with mobile photography these days.
  2. An excellent time to start a new forum. Look forward to participating in this.
  3. Great idea which will be well received: Considering that
    most web sites prefer or limit image file sizes, phone
    cameras fit the trend. I use 2 tracks: D800 for serious
    images with a low Res jpeg spun off for web display thru
    email file picked up by my unlocked Galaxy Nexus. By the
    way, Google over-the-air downloaded android Jelly Bean
    4.1.2 OS to my cell phone about 15 minutes ago.
  4. Josh,
    Any guidelines for maximum picture size: pixels & KB, maximum pictures per person per thread?
  5. Can anybody using Android 4.0.3 confirm if they can see this new
    forum listing? I can't see it yet.

    I know it's learning time for me and this Android phone too.
  6. ...and Ooops! I never saw the upload an image option then.
  7. I tie flies and made these earlier today.
  8. I lauded the idea of cellphonography and its import 2 years ago in the street forum and got bitched out for it lol. You`ve come a ways baby. yuk yuk
  9. Glad to see the new forum. Thanks.
  10. great idea as i dont often carry my slr camera with me howver my cellphone is always with me. should make for some very interesting photography.
  11. Josh,
    Following up on my post of Oct 20 ....this is what my Android phone shows (as a normal mobile display. Yes, I know there is an optiom to convert to show web sites as non-mobile/regular settings, but it is just not as convenient.
    PS. I am posting this from a desktop PC...
  12. ,,and here is the image..
  13. I just got my iPhone 5. Its an incredible mobile device with 8.0 mp camera, including a pano option. I would love to insert a photo or two but can't since I do not have them on the web. Is there another way to post photos?
  14. Hi Friends,
    I'm Rachita. As agreed by all, the mobile phtography is becoming a love for almost everyone. So I'm really excited to introduce another iPhone photo sharing app - AurynCam but I am partial to it as my company has designed it [​IMG]
    We have some great reviews on app store and they are not from us pretending to be others [​IMG]

    I'd be grateful if you guys can take some time out and give it a try. I am sure you will like it as much as we do. Also lets us know your opinions about the app. Would love to hear it from you :)
    Download the FREE app here.

    Thanx and Cheers!
  15. Here's a pic edited using the image stykes and effects of the Free AurynCam app:
  16. I picked up the Iphone4/4s adaptor for Kowa scopes. Aside from it being a bit cumbersome to find the target, it works very well. Especially for shore birds or others that will sit still. See attached pics of sapsucker and Jupiter with four moons.[​IMG] Both digiscoped with a Iphone 4s througn a Kowa 88mm scope.
  17. Here's the pic of the sapsucker.
  18. hi
    it is great idea and very awesome photography :)
    Visit some more blogs to have fun Photography
  19. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    I can't seem to get mine to work. I do have iOS 6. Went to my gallery and created a folder called iphone, went to upload a photo from my iphone, ON my iphone, and it took me to my photos on my iphone. It looked like it wanted to work, I got the right photo selected, it says, "Total Files: 1" and the only other thing left to do is to punch up "Upload" and when I do that, it takes me to a screen titled, "Add captions and details to uploaded photos" yet it says I don't have anything to be captioned or organized.
  20. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    great news, snapseed was released yesterday for android and made free for iOS. it used to be $5.
    also, starting weekly wnw threads here as well. it'd be great to see some snaps
    (josh, would you mind cleaning up my double wnw post? cheers)
  21. In the Toronto Star sat. Dec 22 Mia Freeman, curator of the "Faking it" exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York said"The arrival of the camera phone is the most important development in photography since Kodak.
    I have just written an article about to be published called " Kodak Brownie to Iphoneography" , tracing my evolution as a photographer from my first kodak Brownie in the 1940s to a life long black and white darkroom addict, to hi rez scanning and photoshop, and giclee printing, to Iphonegraphy. I illustrate by sharing one photo from my early darkroom days, then the same photo scanned and giclee'd and the same image treated with a variety of Iphone apps on an ipad. Gone are my computer, my cameras ( but for my iphone) my darkroom.
    I too feel the iphone, with the array of accompanying apps is a revolution in art, as dramatic as the first photographs were to oil paint so too will the iphone evolve out of traditional photography but will be forever changed as it is IMHO a totally new art form. Google Carlein Van der Beek or go to the iphoneography flickr site. or visit the premier site for iphonegraphers at lifeinlofi.com.

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