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  1. Item: 300522257935. I am not the seller.
    Very interesting camera. It looks a little like a Nikon (even has a Nikkormat flash plate), but other parts look like a Mamiya Sekor. The name plate is missing. Any guesses on what it might be? I love a good mystery.
  2. It kind of resembles a Nikkorex F by the self-timer lever and the asa reminder on the back but, the top cover doesn't fit that scenario. On second thought, no.
  3. Yes, it's a Mamiya rebadged to Nikkorex.
  4. It's a product of Mamiya called Argus SLR made for one year 1965. The removable cold shoe is Nikkormat and happens to fit many cameras, Nikon and other makes. The lens would be a Sekor by Mamiya and looks like a Nikon mount but the bayonet is turned in a different direction and the reach of the bayonet prohibits interchangeability with Nikon bodies and vice versa. Essentially a Nikon lens will not fit this camera. I had one years ago. It really is an "orphan". IMHO because Mamiya and Ricoh were at one time sub contracting with Nikon, I believe Nikon did not wish the mount to be an exact copy. The Ricoh Singlex with Nikon mount a rather rare beast and the Nikkorex by Mamiya more commonly found in fact accept Nikon lenses but the Argus SLR of 1965 does not. Ron Herron has an interesting site on the 'net which may offer more information.
  5. This, as the vendor has correctly ID'd it, is a Mamiya Prismat NP underneath. It was sold as one model of Nikkorex (as this one) as well as an Argus, a Sears Tower (37 and 32B), I think a Ricoh Singlex, and heaven only knows what else ( http://herron.50megs.com/prismat.htm ). I did a report on a British rebadging called the Reflexa which had the oddity of a modified Exakta lens mount with a Canon 50mm lens on it ( http://www.photo.net/classic-cameras-forum/00VP6P ).
  6. Yep, I think you're right Paul. Here is an owners manual that looks a lot like it. Ebay item: 320174773047
  7. JDM, am I wrong in that the Prismast NP, Tower 32b etc all had the external stop down mechanism similar to the Exacta? All that is except the Nikkorex F and Argus SLR?
  8. Whatever it is, it's mine now :) Will post when I figure it out.
  9. Andrew, I was hoping one of you experts would buy it and share what you find out. Looks like a gem<g>. I forgot Mamiya made these for Nikon.
  10. Tom, I think that's right, but I only have the Reflexa. I was disappointed to find that the placement of the "trigger" on the Canon lens makes it impossible/very difficult to mount on an actual Exakta.
  11. I mean, really, a Mamiya Nikon for $9? I'm surprised nobody else bought it first, just for curiosity of to see what it looks like when cleaned.
  12. I thought about it. But the last thing I needed was one more camera that doesn't work. The other show stopper for me was the prism badge was missing. It's like buying a rare car where the fancy grill is gone.
  13. BTW, this one has often been called the "forgotten Nikon" as Nikon has, understandably, not been eager to make its relationship to this puppy more widely known. Besides, there are hints that Nikon were unaware that Mamiya would supply this camera elsewhere, undercutting the Nikon price, although the other models generally had Mamiya's unique take on the Exakta mount.
  14. I can't really say much about passing on it, here is one I let slide by the other day, ebay item: 110639634609. If the lenses would have fit the Exakta I would have bid on it. This is also the that got me started researching this line of camera to start with.

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