A multi element giveaway.

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  1. Time to get rid of some more photographica.
    So far this has worked well this way: You get my email address from this site, send me your postal address. I put whatever it is in a little box, and mail it. When you get the box, it will contain my postal address, and you put a check or whatever in an envelope, and send me approximately what the postage on the box was (and it need not be more).
    So here are today's items, with pictures to follow.
    1: An Allied Impex set of accessory wide angle lenses for a 4x4 TLR. Never used, these have a bayonet mount that I sort of presume is Rollei specific, no camera model being given.
    2: A Leica MC light meter, with a little spot of corrosion on the back. This meter slightly registers light, but does not work.
    3: A Nikkorex silicon light meter that should fit a meterless Nikkorex/Nikkormat. Similar to the one used on the orignal F, but it does not fit an F. This meter appears to be in working condition, but accuracy is of course unknown.
    4: A Kodak Motormatic 35. This camera did work when I got it, and I took some pictures, but then something went wrong with the mainspring. It does not latch, and the shutter no longer works. I think the meter is good, and it should be possible to repair. It's pretty clean looking, has a leather case and instructions.
    5: A Konica 35 compact camera. This also worked when I got it, it had a bad battery box connection which I fixed, and I took some pictures which came out very well. In the intervening years the meter seems to have gotten glitchy and the camera no longer works correctly. It's anyone's guess as to repair. With the original case.
    6: A Kodak Retina lens, of unknown sort, except that it appears to have an automatic diaphragm, so I presume it's for a Retina Reflex. The lens is dirty inside with what looks like fungus, so it probably needs a good cleaning.
    edit to add: If you want more than one item, it's OK, and I'll just use a bigger box.
  2. Here are the two meters:
  3. The Motormatic
  4. And here's the Konica
  5. And finally, the Retina lens
  6. If it is okay I will take the motormatic. I have 3, 1 works, 1 with bad meter and one for parts. I am sure I can resolve the
    spring issue and I have had some luck with shutters.

  7. OK, Donald Miller for the Motormatic. This one at last try had a good meter, and it still registers.
    Edit to add: I also have a nearly same time email from Louis Meluso for this and the Konica. Louis, would you like to skip the Motormatic and go for the Konica, and maybe a surprise mystery camera?
  8. Cool. The students would like any stuff you care to send. Much appreciated.
  9. Big thanks Louis! In the same spirit I have a signet 40 that is in great shape but I can not get it to focus. You want it?
  10. Matthew -
    Put me down for #1, the accessory lenses.
  11. Can the Konica C35 come to my house for a while?
    Thanks. Jim
  12. Matthew - what a cool thing to do, to give away stuff you no longer need; kudos to you!
  13. M Howard Edwards for the accessory lenses, but sorry, Jim, Louis Meluso bagged the Konica first. Stay tuned. I have more to come, just don't want to make too much forum mess at once.
  14. The incident light meter attachment on the front of the Leica MC Meter was quite accurate, particularly using slide film. If you have a good MC meter, it's worth having. Most of these attachments seem to get lost. I don't know if they came automatically with the meter......
  15. I have a friend with a Retina Reflex. Trying to find your email now.
  16. Ok, Chris West has the Retina lens, email received.
    That leaves just the meters in this batch.
  17. Lens received. How do I need to go about refunding the shipping for you? Do you just want a check mailed to you?
  18. Chris, the postage on that lens was so small, why don't we just skip it?
  19. Oh man, well thank you. I'll be sure to treat it nice.

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