A Modest Proposal

Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by royall_berndt, Jul 26, 2022.

  1. What if you changed the name of Sunday Streets to Saturday Streets? In most towns, Sunday--especially in the afternoon--is dead. The very mention of Sunday in a photography forum is a drag. Now, Saturday, that means fun! What say?
  2. Obviously, there are people out there actually worrying about what day their "street" image was taken on.

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  3. I think you will find the Sunday in "Sunday Streets" refers to the day the thread is started, not the day the images are taken. In other words, the thread is a weekly thread that starts on Sunday, the images may be taken any day and do not have to be current, but should be a street scene.
  4. If you want a thread "Saturday Streets" start one. No need to alter anything.
  5. Must be more girls in bikinis out on Saturdays …
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  6. well said!
  7. I didn't know members could start new forums.
  8. You can start a new theme but not a new forum.
  9. His taking the Michael.
  10. PapaTango

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    Well, obviously...

    That comment almost made me pee my pants. :p

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