A Minor Treasure: Slides from Vietnam, 1967-1968

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  1. I lucked into a small cache of slides, which appear to have been part of the estate of an area man, deceased. Not certain about him or his status, but he was a pretty good photographer by the slides he left behind. Just finished scanning the Kodachrome and Ektachrome slides, and a slideshow is available. Enjoy. Craig [​IMG]
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing a glimpse into this lost world.
  3. Hi Craig. Thanks for posting these. It's too bad more is not known of the photographer. I wonder if one of the soldiers pictured might be the photographer? I have boxes and boxes of slides shot during my "tour of the world's Navy bases" during roughly the same time. None from Viet Nam, though. Maybe seeing this will motivate me to start scanning.
  4. Thanks CE. Having spent a year flying missions out of Thailand and having lived another two years in Taiwan I can attest that whoever this was they were pretty good at taking pictures and by gosh that's what it looks like in person. The one you showed above is a great picture IMO. It also says a lot for slides. They sure do hold up well. I have some Velvia that I took in Russia fift3een years ago on a Bronica that I recently scanned that survived much better than my negs and they scan more accureately. I am thinking to buy some MF gear again so I can do some more Velvia. Nice of you to rescue the slides.
  5. Wow - your efforts aren't wasted. The images (visually) look like they were developed yesterday, so sharp and clean. It is amazing to think that even though none of us know who the photographer is, he's immortalized through his images. Made the hair on my arms stand up.
  6. Thank you all! I am in the process of trying to locate remaining family members so that I might get some more history on the photographer.
  7. Craig

    These are wonderful images!!..

    I graduated from high school in 1972 & am of the era to have served in Vietnam..

    However, my birthday was not picked in the lottery that year for the draft, so I did not go to Vietnam..

    I did serve 3 years in the Army from 1976-7979, & I recall the many stories that the 'Nam vets told of that country..

    These pictures bring back memories of my time in the service, & the men I served with who spent time in Vietnam..

    Someday perhaps I will be able to travel there & see the country for myself..

    Thanks for saving these images from destruction..

    Whoever the photographer was, he had a good eye!!..

    It'd hard to believe that these were scanned from 40 year old slides..

  8. I did serve in the Army from 1976-7979, & I recall the many stories that the 'Nam vets told of that country..

    Should have written 1976-1979!!..

    I'm very well preserved for being 6025 years old!!..

  9. Bruce, thanks for the comments. Note: these were scanned on an Epson 3200 Photo scanner...a flatbed, consumer-level scanner. I imagine some more could be pulled out of them if/when I move to print them for exhibition, but the Epson did well-enough for my needs. Not having the slide-holder, I made one out of card-stock, tracing a slide outline on it, cutting that out, and laying the sheet of stock on the flatbed, slide perfectly placed in the cut-out. Surprisingly, it worked, and worked better than I expected, in fact, better than the Epson OEM holders ever worked for me. Best,
    Nelson Foto
  10. Great find Craig. There's something particularly fascinating about this collection, knowing so
    little about the photographer. Remarkable to think that these are 40 years old. I could throw
    in any number of color photos I took on a visit to Vietnam in 1990 and I doubt anyone could
    tell the difference.
  11. There are some fantastic photos in there - I couldn't help wondering what had become of some of the people. Thanks for posting them!
  12. Well, I know what happened to the photographer, at least. See the following for more info: [LINK] I'm truly amazed to have found him. Craig
  13. Good to hear this update.

    Glad I took a few minutes to look at some of these photos, as well.
  14. Truly inspirational.Terima kasih banyak.

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