A less nervous Bride

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  1. What do you do to make the Bride less nervous.
  2. give her a kiss, and tell her it's forever ...

    avoid staring at the bridesmaids' bottoms ...

    you _are_ the groom, aren't you?
  3. The difficult thing is not how to make the bride like you. It his how to at the same time prvent the groom from hating you.
  4. I'm sort of a funny guy (at least my wife thinks so). I make them laugh. It takes their mind
    off of the pressure they are feeling. Also they tend to relax because I'm fairly relaxed
    myself. When shooting candids, I'm pretty much invisible, even if I'm standing right next to
  5. You need a good "Maid-of-honor" and a lot of salesmanship.

    If you seem poised and relaxed, the bride will not 'stress' out....
  6. Tell her she is beautiful.
  7. I'm not too bad at setting people at ease in front of a camera. Fortunately my wife is better and enjoys working with me. It gives me more time to concentrate on the photography and it's true, the men in the pictures are less threatened (if that is the right term)or at least less annoyed when she does the talking. Go figure.

    Rick H.
  8. A wonderful portfolio is a start. The bride would definitely like someone who comes across sincere and having interest in flattering the subject(visually). A shy one needs both nudging and encouragement. Tell her you can see something(a good angle, a certain spirit) in her and bring it out. Making her feel unique is important.
  9. Make fun of the groom?
  10. by her a big ring
  11. Tell her she is beautiful and the groom is lucky, in short, learn to lie.

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