A Guide for the Abstracted

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by michaellinder, Aug 2, 2019.

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  1. You must not be in an academic environment;)
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  2. Supriyo, I'm often drawn to abstracts that trade on simplicity. But I don't produce too many of this description. Most of mine tend to be as you mentioned.
  3. Kant once stated that percepts without concepts are empty, and concepts without percepts are blind. Try applying this to what I quoted. And I might add that you have a tendency toward overstatement, as your pronouncement about abstract shows.
  4. Two things I particularly like about abstract photography - one, pretty much anyone can do it, and two, it's interesting to get different perceptions of what people see. I once did a series of abstracts based on water drops (I dropped marbles into colored water, and snapped the resulting splashes). I enjoyed looking at the results, and picking non-abstract figures from them. I saw several figures in this one (one of which might receive an R-rating).

    Splash 4.jpg
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  5. A very profound communication, Phil. I can't thank you enough for how you helped me see better.

    My best always,

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  6. There we go.

    The emperor with out new clothes.

    There we go " - one, pretty much anyone can do it,

    A scribble, anyone can do it.

    A scribble-what else is there to say. Okay, a scribble.

    There is a fairy tale called "The Emperor's New Clothes." In the story the Emperor is a vain man and always wants the newest fashions. A couple of swindlers convince him that the clothes they are making him are of such fine quality that only the most elevated people can see them. He can't admit that he's not the most elevated person, so he wears the clothes in the palace, and everyone bows down and says what a fine set of clothes he has because they are afraid to contradict the Emperor. Then he goes out and leads a parade to show off his new clothes to the people (lack of foresight on his part, unless he thinks all his people are highly elevated.) Everyone pretends to admire the clothes except one little boy who yells out "But the Emperor has no clothes." The moral is that because of pretentiousness and social hypocricy p
  7. "Every Bible I've ever seen has "CROSS." not torture stake"

    Some folks believe in fairy tales. Sort of makes them happy..

    The cold reality is the JW cult, has actually used Hebrew text

    Have a think.

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  8. "Constantine was a pagan worshiper of the sun god, and the symbol of this false god was the cross or the letter T, the initial letter of the false god Tammuz. If what Constantine saw in vision was a cross, then it was the sign of his god, for Jesus Christ was not hanged upon a cross but was hanged upon a simple stake.
  9. To do a Phil.

    Some folks should actually understand what they are talking a F'''K about.

    Instead of being mouth holes.
  10. Okay, I have just seen a masterpiece, beyond human comprehension.

    Sold all my cameras and taken up knitting.
  11. one man has a headache, another blurred vision.

    Both are caused by the wrong food.
  12. Allen, the phrase "some folks" is quite indeterminate, and renders your pronouncement both ineffective and also meaningless. IF you intended it to refer to me, I would hope that you would have the guts to direct it TO me.
  13. Dark Paintings and Seascapes Rothko/Sugimoto
    Rothko paintings/ Sugimoto photos
    good book.
    Sugimoto photos are impressive to encounter.
    Large format slow shutter speed, often extreme. beautiful prints.

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  14. My bad, I forgot for a moment that we should not post others work. Pls remove. I can post a link.
  15. Not to say there is some great abstract/conceptional art/photography. For me, I'm rather fond of Phil's conceptional photography, especially when he adds some narrative-a pointer.

    One of our own.
  16. " Abstract thinking isn't about believing in fairytales; it's about finding truth in what the tale (regardless of its historical accuracy or not) represents.

    Truth is in historical accurate truths. Truths, that are not true, belong in the world of fairy tales. Yes, you can them call them symbolic truths Or, whatever. But they are what they are-fairy tales. The Nazi regime used the same symbol as the Hindus. Just symbols.

    My egg cup represents the holy grail. Sort of feel guilty when I put a egg in in it. and scoff it;)
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