A gallery of M8 and Zeiss 15mm Distagon

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  1. http://www.jorgetorralba.com/p137942720/?photo=h3FDF7C4D#1071610957
  2. Your bleeding magenta , try and get it coded and with a IR filter
  3. I have tried for HOURS to code the Zeiss 15 without any luck. I have stuck white lables and black marks, I have removed the lens mount and painted it you name it I have done it without any success. I am now ordering a new lens mount to have the dots machined and painted.

    In the meantime, I will have to shoot without the IR filter due to cyan corners.
  4. Is the encoding publicly known?
  5. Yes, Ilkka. Check out the Leica User Forum (sponsored by Leica).
  6. Jorge I was talking with Sean this morning and he got the 15mm to code. Here is the issue
    you probably did have it coded and did not realize it. Check this out Sean discovered this
    morning and i can confirm on my WATE if I have the ON/IR filter switch on in the menu than i
    get the option in menu to pick 16,18,21 BUT if in the menu item you only turn the code ON
    than the options DO NOT come up to pick 16,18,21. yes i quess it was orginally setup initial
    because Leica may not have realized it needed the IR in the beginning, already reported this
    to leica . but go back and make sure you have the ON/IR in the menu option and if the
    settings come up your golden. Please let me know on this and certainly use the WATE code
  7. Finally after a long hard try. Details of how I coded and FULL sample images here:


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