A fully automatic camera system from 1984 (Cyberdyne processor)

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  1. It would have been more appropriate if I had thought of this a couple of weeks ago at the beginning of the month, but... Some of the old timers may remember that I have posted some comments in the past about cameras in movies (an example at Big Bugs in Stereo! (1954 version)). This continues that series. This modern camera system was introduced in 1984 in the Cameron film, TheTerminator. It was probably the first cyborg camera, although the television series the Six Million Dollar Man in 1973 may have had something similar, although on this one I am ignorant and apathetic (i.e., 'I don't know and I don't care'). The 1984 is digital (a Cyberdyne chip in it), but it is more interesting to collectors than users, so here it is. The business end of the camera, the lens, appears after some of the biological component is removed.. 01-Terminator--camera-eye.jpg The full system is exposed later in the film: 02-Terminator--Factory-40.jpg The system sometimes used a separate rangefinder. 03-Terminator-Technnoir-laser.jpg The system had intelligent responses to user input: 04-Terminator-'intelligent-camera'.jpg The camera was also fully weatherized 05-Terminator-burning.jpg Burnin’ in the Third Degree -- Tahnee Cain & Tryanglz The parent system also was an early pioneer in drone support. 06-Terminator-future-war.jpg This may not be the camera system you had dreamed of, but it definitely was an early example of the mirror-less cameras of today.
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    I hope that is not true but if Judgement Day was inevitable, maybe the death of film is, too.
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