A folding cart may be useful to your work

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  1. I use a small warehouse cart for loadin-loadout. It's convertible between upright and flat, which is how I use it. It has 12" rubber tires which roll over door sills, gravel and grass easily, A folding nose piece keeps stacked cases secure. The entire truck folds flat and fits in my mini-van. I've had it for over 30 years. The overall length is about 5' including handles, and it fits in small passenger elevators.

  2. Graduate Assistants are very helpful with temporary work, moving stuff on location or organizing jobs that have a tendency to expand.
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  3. Judging by the way that Industry, Design and almost every other enterprise has 'progressed' ; that's all they're good for.
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  4. C’mon RJ, cheap labour is all the rage ( especially in Yerp)

  5. The cart is not for moving heavy things, it is for buying square inches for temp work. Just ordered another #50 cart. Love it! I can buy a few extra square inches of work space.

    A guy I met that had taken a trip to Tokyo told me in Japan they don't go by square feet with apartments...they go by square inches! I guess he was joking, but I can understand. I'm grateful for a few more square inches.
  6. I don't think they use inches in Japan (or in almost any other country in the world, for that matter). I'd bet that they are usually described in square meters, but then again, I've never been in Japan.
  7. Been using one for years.
    One of the down sides of getting older is that things seem to get heavier each year. :(
    The cart makes it easier on my back and legs, especially after a 5 hour shoot.

    As @Ed_Ingold said, LARGE wheels. Small wheels may pack easier in the car, but they roll BUMPY on anything but smooth floors.
  8. I can see the utility of an AV cart in making better use of the square inches often available on a site. I have a couple of 18"x 24" folding tables which I use for audio/video recording. I find with live-streaming I need roughly twice the table space, partly for equipment but mostly for control and monitoring. The latter consists of at least one iPad, but often a second iPad and perhaps a laptop. Most of the time I can use a small, 8-channel recorder, but there are some jobs which require 25 or more microphones. Going vertical would alleviate some of the space and rearrangement issues. Keep the things you need to work with on top, and relegate the grunt hardware to lower shelves. It would be important to have fold-out shelves for the working gear.

    Keep in mind that an AV cart can only be used on smooth floors with grade-level access. Even a sloped theater floor can be a challenge, with carpeting, UGH! For truly mobile productions a folding AV cart would be one more thing to carry. That said, I may get one to leave at a site I frequently work. Roll it out for production, and tuck it away between times. A warehouse cart will be essential for load-in, something I can roll for a couple of blocks on city streets (or grass) and up loading ramps.

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