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  1. Hi all,

    so I finally managed to put a roll through my trusty Nikon FE again :) Whenever I use it, I'm delighted at the simplicity and small size of it - it just has all the basics in the right places. And as opposed to some of my other cameras, it actually has a meter inside and even does Aperture Priority :) I guess this is as close to "point and shoot" that you'll ever get inside this forum.

    Anyway, I just scanned some of the best pictures on the roll and thought that I'd share them here... And end the "show" with a picture of the camera, of course :)

    Thanks in advance for any and all comments !!

  2. Next, my wife Pia and Asta sharing an intimate moment...
  3. This is actually a large fibreglass Octopus-shaped slide - great fun :)
  4. Next, a portrait using a pre-AI 50/1.4 wide open. There surely must be a plane of focus hiding somewhere in all that bokeh :)

    You can mount this on the FE by flipping up the AI indexing tab, but lose open-aperture metering. I've since had it AI-converted professionally, BTW, to overcome this issue.
  5. This is Anton helping out in the kitchen creating "Anton's Sausage Dish" - sausages and tomatoes fried in a pan and served with Pasta
  6. We travel a lot by train, since we don't have a car, so the kids always find a way to relax a bit...
  7. This is Anton riding a "rope slider" of sorts - sorry but I don't know the proper name in English, but at least you can see that he's having fun. And Asta, too :)

    The Sigma 28/1.8 is an AF lens and absolutely impossibly to focus manually due to the very short fosusing throw. Yuck :-(
  8. Last, a couple of shots from the magnificent 45/2.8 Nikkor-P. Small, sharp, and sooooo smooth :)
  9. Rosemary is just two, but took only a few minutes to figure out how to use an iPad...
  10. Last shot from the roll: We have a new swing in our garden, and all the kids have to try it out, of course...
  11. Finally, a shot of the camera - as promised. The 28/3.5 is great and relatively small, while the 45P really deserves its "pancake" moniker. The 105/2.5 is much larger, of course - especially with the hood - but I could see myself going on a week-end trip with just the FE and the two shorter lenses.

    BTW, the film was Kodak BW400CN Professional, that I scan on a COOLSCAN IV ED - I never use anything else these days and hope that it will continue to be available from Kodak in the future...

    Thanks for looking :)

  12. Nice, especially Rosemary and the iPad.
  13. Great shots and an elegant camera. Has some resemblance to my FTb. Some of the pictures have a sepia look.
  14. That's a "rope swing" Anton is on.
    I fully understand why you don't have a car in Denmark, it's a mighty expensive thing to buy there. (150% tax.) Plus, they choose to make it possible to live without it.
  15. Beautiful family and beautiful work. I spent all day yesterday roaming the countryside with an F4s and an ancient FT2, a few manual focus lenses and some HP5. It was a lot of fun roaming through some old barns. I'll put a few up when I get them souped.

    Rick H.
  16. Thanks, all :)

    , I'm not certain that it's just called a swing - he's actually going about 10 MPH horizontally along a very long cable, from which the vertical rope is suspended on a sort of pulley. Stupid me - I actually have a picture of that, so I'll stop babbling and post that instead :)
  17. Soeren, it looks like some sort of "zip line". Good series and some beautiful models,
  18. I love the picture of the children on the train. Must dust off my FE and put a film through it.
  19. Wonderful pictures, all of them. The FE is such a nice camera to use, quiet and smooth. I've got about half of a roll left in mine and hopefully I'll have something to share. Thanks for a great post, Soeren!
  20. Great shots, Soeren. I hope you are putting copies of these photos into a family photo album. When your kids are grown, they will surely treasure these photos. Thanks for an enjoyable post.
  21. Beautiful pictures indeed. I have heard only good things about FE. Your post is rather tempting me to get one. Great post. Thank you
  22. Nice warm tones and an excellent approach to portraying children. You brought out spontaneous responses in the subjects. Thanks, sp.
  23. I think we call that playground thing a "Flying Fox" down here...Lovely pix, Soeren, right up to your usual standard. "Asta and Pia" is a moment beautifully captured. Thanks for another fine post.
  24. It looks like your 28/3.5 is the AI. That's the 28 Nikkor I use the most. It's very sharp.
  25. Nice photos, especially the zip line on, a nice action shot. I have an FE2 that had previously
    been well used and is still going strong. A very nice well designed camera.
  26. Every one a great photo!
  27. Nice photos, indeed! The FE really is a joy, isn't it? When my beloved old FE got stolen a few months back, I just had to get another right away. My new one's even nicer since I put a K3 screen for the FM3a in it--an inexpensive and quite nice upgrade.
  28. Always enjoy your shots of your children, and the one with your wife is a treasure for sure. I took heaps of my kids at this age and they just get more precious as time goes by.
    The Nikon FE/FM cameras are delightful things and that 105mm is an all time classic, as is the 50mm 1.4. Never used the 45mm pancake but your shots look very impressive. The 45 still commands very high prices on the used market so I'm waiting for the cost to come down!
    Just bought a 105mm 1.8 Nikkor that is a very impressive bit of glass, still waiting to try it out though.
  29. I've found that another wonderful lens to use on the FE--and they're not terribly expensive nowadays--is the 180/2.8 AF-D (I've got the last version, with the crinkle coat paint). Even though it's an autofocus lens, the focusing ring is really wide and excellenlty damped for manual focus as well. It's just a superb portrait lens which balances beautifully on the FE, and I also used to use it constantly, with a PN-11 ring--if you can find one--for closeups of dragonflies and butterflies.
  30. Beautiful pictures of the family, Soeren
  31. I love looking at your photographs. Your children look so cherubic, and their life seems so full of fun. That's the childhood that they should remember.
  32. Thanks all - I really appreciate your comments and will definitely make sure that my kids will be able to keep these pictures, when they grow up - I'm thinking along the lines of making a book on Blurb every year or two and make three copies, so they get one each.

    The FE really is a joy - I have the all-matte (Type B) screen in it, which makes it a bit harder to focus, I find. I still do the focus-in-the-centre-and-recompose routine, even if there is no need to do so. Old habits die hard, I guess :)

    When the 45P was discontinued, I actually worked for Nikon Denmark, and I got one for a price so ridiculously low, we thought that Nikon Europe had made a typo !! The size is just perfect for portability, and the Bokeh is sweet and smooth. One of the few lenses that I have where the Bokeh really is special.

    I like to "cycle through" a number of classic cameras - averaging about one roll per month - and always enjoy coming here to share :)

    Thanks again, all !!


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