A few questions about my new website for selling my art

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by crissy_sherman, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Hello friends!
    I am in the process of creating a website that is hosted by yahoo with the intention of selling my photographs. I have recently come across the site fineartamerica.com and am considering paying their $30 fee for professional services. I realize that with this fee I will get an "artistwebsites.com" site, but I still want to use my site hosted by yahoo (I've already paid for a year and put a lot of work into it). I first considered just getting a paypal account to put on this site, but then I am still left with the task of getting prints, shipping and possibly mounting & framing.
    The way I understand the pro service through fineartamerica.com, is that I could link each image in my gallery to their site where the customer can then choose size, frame, mat, stretched canvas, ect. and then they do the rest. I am wondering if anyone here has used them and if I am understanding this correctly. Also, what was your experience with the quality of prints they provide?
    One more question, does anyone happen to know if I will need a sales tax license (I'm in Michigan) before I sell prints this way? And if I am required to pay sales tax, would it be only on my mark-up or the entire purchase price the customer is paying (which would include their price for the frame, ect)?
    Thanks so much for any input anyone has for me. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Digital Image Mag has an informative review of Fine Art America at

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