A few more D3 Images

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by elliot|1, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. http://www.digitalreview.ca/Content/Nikon-D3-Digital-Camera-Sample-Images.shtml

    If you have ever shot pictures of baseball (at night), you will certainly
    appreciate how good these pictures really are. Look closely at the ISO
    settings, shutter speeds and picture quality.

    Thought it was also interesting (coincidence) that the Nikon banner was in 4 of
    the 5 shots!
  2. Hi Elliot! It is empty here so I'll reply! Those shots look really great! I'm sure this camera will
    really cause a storm in the PRO world.
    After seeing those shots now I know exactly what I need! And that is 20K's I think that would
    cover the camera and a couple of those glasses!
    Thanks for that link!

  3. The skin of the players looks horrible. Why is it green?
  4. Stan -

    Not sure what image you're looking at, but on my monitor the skin tones look fine. Perhaps the white balance could be tweaked a little bit, but nothing major.

    Now I just wish that I had the $20k laying around to buy this gear!

  5. The skin tones look fine to be. I am gobsmacked by the image quality at ISO 6400. Very impressive.
  6. On my calibrated Cinema Display the skin tones do look a bit sickly, especially in the
    topmost shot. But, this is probably just a case of improper white balance which is easily

    The high ISO shots are amazing!
  7. "Now I just wish that I had the $20k laying around to buy this gear!"

    Sorry for the DP, but the camera's $5000 not $20,000.
  8. $20k = D3 + the (mostly) new nikon glass used in the shots...300f2.8 afs vr, 500f4 afs vr, 200-400f4 afs vr! Sure would be nice to own/use.

    I can't wait to hear/see more hands on reviews of both D3 and D300!
  9. I think the white balance issue is simply a case that these are under artificial light with a weird spectrum.
  10. Wow! I can't wait to see some nice long exposures taken with this camera! When will there be a FX sensor in a Dx00 body?
  11. Long exposures will be the real test.

    I have an R-D1, which uses the same Sony sensor as several popular Nikon DSLRs. Its high
    ISO performance is very good for short exposures, but long exposures really suffer
    compared to the Canon 10D.

    It will be interesting to see if this camera has the same characteristic.

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