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  1. Anyone familiar with my stuff probably knows me best as a street photographer. But occasionally I get the urge to try a few landscapes, albeit in my preferred style. Figured I'd share.
  2. Great! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Nice to see: they look very "photoshoped" or otherwise manipulated? to me.
  4. BRAVO!
  5. Good ones, Neil. They are contrasty, but effectively so in my opinion.
    And true to the street, I see you found some tracks wherever you could. :)
    When we are somewhere that just about requires a landscape shot, I take it. Then with very few exceptions I shake my head when I see the result.
    Cape of Good Hope
  6. Stunning work !
  7. I took a few pictures of evening light and shadows on the Solstice back in December.
    all: M8, 50/1.2 Noct "ASPH", filter, ISO 320 @ f/1.2, RAW, Lightroom
  8. Myakka Park, Winter Solstice 2007
  9. That's terriffic, Bill
  10. Thanks, Bob.
  11. I just realized that I have another Solstice image scanned, waiting to be cleaned up in PhotoShop. Probably Leica M3 w/Canon f:2.8/28mm, Kodachrome II.
  12. Yeah, Neil, I hold you to a pretty high bar. I think I agree with Michael. They are extreme in their contrast, but pretty effective. Did you use filters, or fast film? Or develop or print/scan for contrast or post process? Pretty interesting.
  13. I think No. 2 and No. 5 are my faves. Pretty cool.
  14. Ah, Bill... Winter solstice 2006
    M2, 35/1.4 Summilux ASPH, Delta 400, Exposure probably 1/500 @ f/11
  15. Neil...

    I like #5 a lot.

    Regards. Johnny
  16. A good collection.
  17. Winter 2
  18. Winter 3
  19. Nice going, everyone. Lots to enjoy here - glad to see I'm not the only one who has succumbed to landscapes. I especially like Harry's #2 and Orville's #1.
    Barry - love to say I'd shot these on film, but they're actually digital, all taken with the M8.
    #1 and #2 with a medium red filter to alter the visible spectrum and include infra-red, then post-processed to increase the IR effect and add some grain. They're similar in style to landscapes I used to shoot on Ilford SFX.
    #3 - #5 are unfiltered with some toning, for which reason they're more subtle.
  20. Excellent stuff, Trevor. I think you posted same time as me so I didn't see it.
  21. I was hoping you'd jump in, Trevor!
  22. This is a very good thread!
    Neil - #5 is my favorite.
    Michael S. - I really like the tones-within-tones in your "Cape of Good Hope".
    Harry - "Winter 2" really do look like a cold, foggy winterday here in my backyard.
    Trevor - I can't decide whether I like #1, #2, #6 or # #10 the best...

    Regards, Claus
  23. A fake landscape, it's all manmade.
  24. Oceanside, CA.
  25. [All] you guys are good !
  26. A relaxing thoughtful group of images.
  27. Bit late joining in but these were taken Jan 7
  28. Can't reduce these any more, at present.

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