A few from an outing today, 5x7

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  1. hello all, been a while since ive got to come on here, took the 5x7 out today with the 121 Sa lens, film used was fomapan 200 (i already hate it) reciprocity bites.
  2. this next one is from the top of benton falls, i was really close to the edge here, standing partly on slippery leaves, drop is about 40 ft. anyway i got the shot. lol
  3. this one is benton falls from the bottom, found this really cool looking tree in front of the camera, tilted a bit too much and couldnt get everything sharp at f32, oh well ill know better next time, exposure time was 27 sec, kind of dark down there
  4. while i was down at the falls it started raining, it was a 2 mile hike back to the car, so i stood under this tree trying not to get wet until the rain passed over, as i was standing there i looked back and saw this part of the trail, thought it was kind of cool looking, this was shot 81 seconds @ f32
  5. Gorgeous shots, thank you. ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  6. Thanks for sharing - it makes me want to dig out my 4x5 again!
  7. All excellent shots. They inspire me to get out with my LF camera. Glad you lived to tell the tale of the top of the falls, and show us the pictures!
  8. WOW lovely work! My favorite is the "top of benton falls" I love the rich tasty blacks and milky whites. Good work, Thanks for sharing.
  9. I love the 2nd photo John, good work!
  10. I love all of them But I do agree that number 2 is great, something about true B&W in a photograph make its beautiful , Yes color is great also , BUT B&W is still the best. I must admit at first I thought you posted some more IR photos for us : No matter what you it is great: Lauren
  11. Hard to beat large format in the right hands, of which, yours clearly are. ;)
    I really have to get my 5x7 out of the "Room whose name shall not be mentioned" and see how much my 4x5 lens will cover on the field.
  12. Been scarce here my self.. but I'm very pleased to see your LF work here. Simply Great Stuff! .. oh and do be careful! Wouldn't want you falling down the falls...right?!!
  13. Beautiful!
  14. Yes! Beautiful; that LF requires a lot of patience, too. Thanks, sp.
  15. I loved all of them but especially the first and its misty water!
  16. Wonderful photos! Makes me a bit sad to think that I will never work with an LF camera!
  17. Excellent! Thanks for sharing!
  18. thanks for the comments, i really like this lens on 5x7, i actually bought it for 8x10 but its just wayyyy to wide for me. my 90 f8 will work on the 5x7 but i dont use it much. thanks again for the nice comments
  19. Wonderful photos!

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