A few from an F1

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  1. The F1 contained a roll of High-Definition Polaroid, C41 color film.​
    High-Definition film?
    I would hate see what their non High-Defintion film looked like.
    Nice camera though.
  2. Can't really make any assumptions about the film; looks to me as if the photographer severely underexposed the shots. On the other, the subjects may have exposed too much ....
  3. The tank of all Tanks when it comes to cameras : My Son Has Mine and does use it from time to time :
  4. The F1 was a true classic from day one. Every FTb owner that I knew wanted one.
  5. Cool the way that these shots cover most of the colour spectrum! You should try to pry that F1 off your friend, just the thing for those below zero shooting days, these things really are the full metal jacket.
  6. A high school musical show? There is a PC (Epson?) in one, I'd say around 1985 or so FWIW. And, Mr. Moderator, since you asked I'm really not sure this is worth a Google search years from now.
  7. Youse guys are funny.
  8. Julio is clearly not understanding what these "found films" are about.
    Years from now, I know I 'd be delighted to find this in a Google™ (or whatever it will be then) search. (I would bet it won't be Bing!).
    These are all-in-one: time capsules, art (on Gene M.'s part), and humor.
    Thanks again, Gene M.
  9. Very nice, Gene. Neat to see some color film in one of your series! And even a classic, antique computer! I never imagined there would be such a thing in my lifetime, but there it is...
    Agreed with somebody above who suggested HS play / musical.
  10. That would be a scene from the musical "Guys and Dolls" set at the Hotbox Club.
  11. Gene,you're always the lucky one to find old film in old cameras ! I've always enjoyed seeing your thread here , moreso your own shots using long forgotten cameras and to top it all, you do a wonderful job of it ! Bless you ! Paul

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