A few CMC Shots from Wintery Sofia, Bulgaria

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  1. Hi all,

    About a month ago, I spent four days working in Sofia, the Capital of Bulgaria. I only had very limited spare time, but brought the M3 anyway :) This was when the winter was worst in Eastern Europe - night temperatures were around -20 Celcius - that's below zero even in Fahrenheit... Hope that you enjoy them :)


    The first is our hotel - the Kempinski residing on the highest hill in town.
  2. We actually arrived just before midnight in complete darkness - Imagine my surprise when I pulled the curtains next morning...
  3. I did an early morning walk one of the days. Not much around in terms of camera shops - I never managed to find out where this sign pointed to...
  4. Another view of the hotel and mountain - 12 C below zero is plus 10 F .
  5. Final shot - trying hard to keep Sofia Airport free from snow. It took me around six hours to get home to Copenhagen via Vienna.

    That's all - feel free to comment as usual :)

  6. What spendid examples of the use of a standard 50mm lens. Nce!
  7. Swell фотос! ж)
  8. There is an almost dreamy quality to these images. Love the 3rd and 4th.
  9. ya those Leica lenses are ok i guess if you're into that kind of thing ;) Beautiful shots of a beautiful city!
  10. Some lovely shots, Soeren. I always look forward to your threads. :)
  11. Well done, Soeren. I always enjoy your photographs. Thank you.
  12. Wonderful photos as usual Soeren. Thank you for sharing them.
    I especially like the Foto Kodak sign.
    Did the cold weather effect the M3 at all? I think my goal for this year is getting an M2 or an M3.
  13. Thanks guys - I really appreciate your positive comments :) Although I do have lenses from 21 to 90, I tend to gravitate towards the 28 and, especially, the 50. Although the Summarit 1.5 isn't "perfect" - especially wide open - I really like what it brings me back, and I only use my 1962 Elmar 2.8 when I want something even more compact or need to be able to use a yellow filter.

    As for the cold, Rick, I didn't feel the need for a "K" camera :) I didn't have too much time out, and I brought a small belt pouch anyway, so the camera didn't get really cold... The only issue with cold I ever had was an OM-20 where the mirror stuck up. After half an hour at home, it came back down.
    My Nikon F has seen quite a bit of frost without complaining: http://www.imagepro.dk/Skagen_2010/.

    More comments welcome !!

  14. Great shots. I never knew about the "K" modification of the M3. Thanks for posting.
  15. Thanks, Mike.

    I haven't heard of an "M3K" either, although I am aware of various military issue M2 and M3. I expect that Rick van N would know the answer to this. Or someone else, maybe ??

  16. Excellent post as usual, but boy, that looks cold to a fellow from Australia!
  17. Beautiful presentation as always, Soeren. I always find your pictures most enjoyable to view. Thank you for sharing.
  18. Great post Soeren, nothing like snow to add a little dream and drama to an image. I appreciate the thought and time you put into your postings. That last Airport Hotel pic is quite surreal, like and old Fellini or Bergman movie set...
  19. I'm always late to the party!! Like the others said;always a treat to see a post from you. Maybe the Kodak sign.. was directing you towards the bears and not the famous film company. I like the feel of the early morning shot ! The first one is really nicely composed wit the Hotel on the hill. I , too was going to ask about the cold. My Contax IIa (not cla'd) won't fire when cold!
  20. Really nice set of photos. My M is usually OK in extreme cold but my 50mm Collapsible tends to get stiffer and stiffer! Eventually locke. Luckily that day, it was on 15feet and f11. So i simply shot pix. It was sunny but extremely cold. My F has never stopped working in extreme cold unlike my F3!
    Again once again a wonderful tale and photos.

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