A Farmall and a Pentax ES II

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  1. Recently I won a beautiful Pentax ES II and replaced my ES that had a non-working meter. I had bought an SMC Takumar 50/1.4 for the ES so I mounted this on my new ES II. It's a perfect combo! The ES II is such a nice camera to use. It's a perfect size, not quite as big as, say, an F-1, but definitely bigger than something like an MX or OM. One of the improvements of the ES II over the ES is that the batteries were relocated from the upper front of the body and replaced by a pretty conventionally located self-timer. The camera is wonderful to use and feels almost intuitive in action. With it set to "Auto" you just have to select an aperture, monitor your shutter speed, and shoot away! I'm quite impressed by this camera and have another roll of film in it all set to shoot. My subject on this particular day was my father-in-law's IH Farmall, a tractor with a beautiful coat of deep red paint. I used only the SMC Takumar 50/1.4 to shoot these pictures and I rather like the results! Of course these were all shot on Fuji 400 X-Tra, my usual film of choice.
  2. Shot #1...the Farmall. Not a great choice of backgrounds but this was the best angle to avoid too many other distracting elements in the picture.
  3. Shot #2...
  4. Shot #3...
  5. Shot #4...
  6. Shot #5...
  7. Shot #6...
  8. Shot #7...
  9. Thanks for looking!
  10. Very nice. I've always thought that the original H2 Pentax is one of the most beautiful SLRs ever made, and these later models obviously don't compromise that 'beauty' in any significant way.
    That's a nice Farmall. We just had the Threshermen's gathering in a neighboring town, and apparently there is much serious feeling about these older model tractors. :|
  11. Beautiful, both the camera and the tractor! Hard to find a working ES or ES11, and yours looks really nice. There is something about those black seventies cameras that is very compelling.
    Something to watch for with the ES11 is the battery compartment cover which is very fragile, you often come across an ES11 which is fine except for the cover, which is missing.
  12. Just love the proportions and compact-ness of this Pentax, Andy, and yours is a superb example. It's interesting how consistent Pentax SLR design remained, right through the metal-bodied era; the balance between purpose and grace was always retained. Great pics, as one would expect from a lens which is reaching record high prices on our local auctions, now the indie film-makers have discovered it. I like the symmetry and bokeh in "Peering through the Wheel..."
    The Farmall is a gem, as well. Can't beat red for a tractor; I once restored a Ferguson TEA, probably not a well-known tractor in your neck of the woods but very common downunder, but being British it was finished in an attractive shade of battleship grey...Thanks for sharing.
  13. Well done, Andy! Nice looking ESII and a spiffy looking tractor. The Instrument Panel shot is really neat. I'm a big fan of the SMC 50mm f/1.4 Takumar with it's superb resolution, contrast and creamy bokeh. I've been using it on my Canon 7D recently with great results. The ESII is the last of the renown M42 Spotmatic line and I think the best. Here one of the original ads for the camera. Thanks for the Post!
  14. Great photos! Really love the Pentax.
  15. one of the last hybrid mechanical/auto exposure cameras from the Golden Age. nice to see you're doing it justice, andy.
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    Andy, there is no such thing as a bad picture of Farmall.........(Great Camera Too!)
  17. Thanks, everyone!
    JDM--I appreciate the comments. My next subject might be a John Deere. He has a model A, B, and a G. Since we're fairly close location-wise, it's no wonder our area shares the same love and passion for tractors.
    Tony--You're absolutely right about finding one of these in full working condition. It's even harder to find one that doesn't have brassing all over it, so this one's a real gem!
    Rick--Thanks for the kind compliments. Exactly how much is the lens commanding there? It seems to actually have dropped in price here. You're right about the Ferguson TEA; never heard of it, but now I'm going to look it up!
    Louis--you're the reason I even have this camera and lens. I remember your post and the incredibly sharp pics you got with this lens. I'd be interested in seeing what it does on the 7D; I may have to try that on mine. Any advice on which adapter is best? Thanks for the ad as well. That's really cool to see how the camera was being promoted at that time.
    CQ--I really appreciate the kind words!
    Mark--I think you're right!
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    Hi Andy, I should qualify my statement about Farmall's....My business partner is a semi pro Tractor Puller. He also lives next door. ONLY red paint allowed on the farm. We also sell McCormick utility tractors. My Jeep CJ7 is painted IH red. We live in Central Wisconsin so tractors are like cars here. Keep up the good work! Love those Takumar lenses.
  19. I use a good quality, inexpensive Chinese made adapter for the M42-EOS. It's heavy chrome without focus confirmation. I use live view(magnified) to focus on the 7D. It's a bit sharper and has better contrast wide open than my EF 50mm f/1.4 with a bokeh that is pure cream. It's for those reasons, plus the ultra-smooth focusing, that makes it so popular with the video crowd. It gives a very film-like look.
  20. Nice camera and gorgeous pictures of the tractor. If your father in law is looking for some used parts, I may have a few at my dad's place. The user tractor we have is a Case 430, but he's got a couple of old Farmalls sitting and rusting. They look strangely similar to your father in law's. Nowhere near as pretty though. Or complete and functional.
  21. Mark--No need to qualify anything. Passion for tractors runs deep and it's definitely the case here in Indiana. John Deere seems to be the brand that has the largest following here in Central Indiana.
    Rick--The same lens often sells here for less than $100, but occasionally one will sell on the auction site for $130 or more. As for the TEA, you were right about "battleship gray" for sure!
    Louis--I will be looking for one of those very soon.
    Rob--Thanks for the very generous offer. I will most definitely let him know.

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