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  1. Hi all, I work as a travel photographer and I would like to add an aerial view to my pics. I’m looking to some drones, essentially DJI, and what I’m looking for is a good photographic quality, easy transportability. Everything it’s obviously just an excuse to buy myself a new toy that I can bring around and travel with.

    Inspire and Phantoms are good, but a bit too large for transportation and I’m attracted by zoom and 48mp on panoramas on Mavic zoom, and by Mavic 2 pro. Anyone willing to share reviews on those drones? From the dji website I can’t find answers. Megapixels are not a correct metric to evaluate photographic qualities, but still some Mp are required.
  2. Any of the DJI drones is capable of making excellent images. I have the beginners model, a Mavic Mini (12 MP), in order to see how drone photography fits into my photographic interests without spending a lot of money. The Mini fly-more kit fits into a 10x7x3" semi-rigid case, including the drone, controller and three batteries with charger. The Mavic 2 Pro has a 1" sensor (20 MP), and is probably the best camera for the money (same sensor as the Phantom). It fits in a zippered case about 50% larger than the Mini. In addition for better imaging (and 4x the price), you get more automated flight patterns and better obstacle avoidance. In between, there is the Mavic Air 2, with arguably the best obstacle avoidance. The Mavic 2 Zoom has the same sensor as the Mini with a 2:1 zoom. I'd take a pass on that one. My younger brother has the Mavic Pro, and gets amazing results with it.

    Larger drones are faster and more maneuverable, and can buck higher winds. Wind speed can be deceptive, since it increases with altitude. I draw the line at 16 mph with the Mini, while the Pro can handle 20-25 mph winds with some trepidation. It's good practice to fly into the wind if it's enough to make branches sway.

    There are dozens of reviews with flight videos on the internet for any model of drone.

    I try to compose videos like I would a landscape, then add a little motion for a dolly or slider effect. The latter brings a shot to life with 3D effects, even (especially) if it is very slow and tastefully done.
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