A Cure for GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrom)

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  1. GAS is certainly much less harmful than DRUG.
  2. Would like to see a few new ones from you Brad...
  3. It's not GAS if you sell your gear for a profit.
  4. Years ago I could buy a good clean used film camera, use it for a year and trade it for something else, losing very little money. Different story with digital. Most become practically worthless in a very short time. They should be thought of as appliances.
  5. Dustin McAmera

    Dustin McAmera Yorkshire, mostly on film.

    The only cure: buy a camera. If it doesn't work, you bought the wrong one: try again.
  6. I have yet to meet somebody that has Appliance Acquisition Syndrome. But it's a complicated world out there.
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  7. Good point
  8. I wonder if the pill cures gambling. I am going to purchase a Mega Millions ticket tonight.
  9. 2 solutions:
    • Enjoy trading the minority that doesn't.
    • Be the happy final consumer, paying peanuts and binning the beaters some day.
    I was told a merchant makes the income during goods acquisition, not during retail.
  10. Really? What do you do to yours? for the most part, mine function exactly the same, year after year. The fact that better ones are introduced doesn't make the old ones works less well.
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  11. I think he was talking about resale value.
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  12. Is it the same medication given to people a few years ago for wrestless wleg wsyndrone .. and instead people became compulsive gamblers? I'll take camera gear, thanks.

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