A Cure for GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrom)

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  1. A new TV ad for a drug called "Vraylar" shows a woman compulsively buying stuff off the internet. After taking the drug she is seen boxing up a newly purchased camera for return. Apparently GAS is a real disease!
  2. That TV ad is undoubtedly designed, like all TV product ads, to make you want to buy the advertised product. They claim that you can only be saved from your desire to purchase things by purchasing and using what is likely to be a very expensive drug.

    Also, the fact that someone is trying to sell a solution for a particular problem doesn't prove the problem exists, only that a marketing person has determined that enough people can be led to believe that it exists.
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  3. Somebody please do the math, to figure out a GAS budged still cheaper than the drug.
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  4. Got a point there - apparently a month's supply costs $1262 - hopefully that's covered by your medical insurance.
    On a serious note: Vraylar is used to treat serious conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar mania - I don't think GAS falls under those categories.
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  5. Drug is certainly a cure for GAS. A worse addiction to cure a lesser addiction.
  6. It wouldn't matter what the drug actually does, except it is so expensive you can't afford more gear.
  7. Do not spend a bug for such illusory treatment. Keep the GAS burning inside you till the time it puts the trigger.
  8. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    I find a funeral stops GAS in its tracks...
  9. Is there a business op. in funeral photography?
  10. Actually, it just begins amongst the heirs.

    Google. There’s lots of ‘em.
  12. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    List all the equipment you have. List the things you want to do and can't do with current gear. Put them in priority order. What will it cost to solve the problem(s)? Weigh cost vs. gain and decide on a course of action. In many cases, step one is enough!
  13. You missed one key point, GAS with its typical clinical symptoms, the ownership.
  14. My 12-step program helps me: just stay 12 steps away from any device with internet access.
  15. Exactly. I often look longingly at equipment, but what stops me is thinking about that caused the problems I have had with recent images, or the flaws in them. Most often, the answer is the Ansel Adams quote: "The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it".

    Recently, I showed a set of 13x19 prints. One of the two that got the most positive response was an image I took years ago with an old Canon 50D....
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  16. I'm inspired to use my old 12mp Nikon D300 today. With the 18-200mm zoom it was good enough for just about any situation...then it suddenly became obsolete.
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  17. Reasonable, but sometimes the problem is that I want a new toy! Since this is a hobby for me, I just accept that GAS is part of the fun. OTOH, since I'm not a collector, I fund it by reselling as much as I can (outside my core EOS system) once I've had my fun.
  18. I don’t has GAS but my beloved does. A Leica Q2 in on order and although I will be restricted to fondling it, even that satisfies an urge.
  19. Use the camera in whatever cellphone you happen to be using and don't look back. I haven't used a regular camera in years and still make the photos I like to make, every day.
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  20. I checked the price, and it's $844 for a few tablets. I think GAS is cheaper than the pills. I'll stick with gear.
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