A couple of recent Planar shots

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  1. Dear All,

    It's been a while, since I posted pictures here - the lure of mirrorless has led me to shoot more digitally lately (Including some classic Nikkor and Leitz lenses, of course :). Anyway, I just finished a roll through Ye Not-So-Olde RTS, using my only lens for it, the Zeiss Planar 50/1.7. And how nice it is to have just aperture, shutter speed, and focus to worry about :)

    I have decided to share five of my favourites from the roll, all characterized by wonderfully smooth background separation - especially around F/2.8-4.0, this lens really shines, I find. Oh, and of course we also have to remember look at at those nicely sharp objects in the foreground, regardless how nice the Bokeh is :)

    I am currently eyeing some more lenses for the RTS, especially the 85/2.8 and 35/2.8, although I really have everything covered in my other systems. But I guess that most of you know that feeling :)

    Next post will be revisiting my 1938 Leica IIIa with matching 35/3.5 Elmar, BTW. I'm currently at frame 11.

  2. Finally, Asta and our hamster, Mille. This was shot wide open, very close, with -1 exposure compensation, and still around 1/15 on Kodak BW400CN Professional. Although technically far from perfect, I still found it fine for keeping a record of this gesture of tender caring.

    Thanks for looking :)

  3. Wonderful shots.
    Wonderful lens too.
  4. SCL


    Great shots. I've been using my Planar 50/1.7 on my Olympus E-PL2 recently and like the results.
  5. Nice work showing off a great lens.
  6. Great foreground objects and certainly terrific bokeh! Lovely lens, Soeren, and your usual fine images. "Asta and Mille" is memorable...
  7. Just another wonderful set. Soeren, it doesn't matter which camera you use, your work is always beautiful. Thank you for posting.
  8. Your B&W work with your kids is always wonderful, must be very nice to have. I understand the lure of the mirrirless digis, just bought a Sony NEX with an adaptor for Leica M and the Nikon F lenses.
    Still no substitute for a classy CMC though, and your RTS would be right up there, and the Planar really shines on shots like these. You are right about that last shot, sometimes a little imperfection is totally outweighed by the content.

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