A Couple of Interesting Books

Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by spanky, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. It appears SFMOMA didn't pull any punches with the Garry Winogrand book they are publishing to coincide with the huge retrospective coming up. Over 400 pages! I'm really looking forward to this - both the book and the exhibit.
    I'm currently enjoying "Labyrinth" by Daido Moriyama. This is an amazing book of contact sheets from throughout Moriyama's career. Apparently these are not contact sheets of specific entire rolls but rather various strips of film that he chose (by whatever method I have no idea) and are printed side by side like a contact sheet. Some very interesting work in here as well.
  2. Great information here, Mark. Thanks for posting. I've been looking for a reason to visit SF.
  3. Wise I could have attended the Tate show for Moriyama and Klein this fall. Moriyama was present for a reprise of his printing show and custom photo book assembly project, which looked like fun.

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