A couple Brownie Holiday Flash pics

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by tripanfal, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. I re-spooled a 127 spool with some vintage 197x Pan-X I recently scored. Most were no good because I forgot about the massive top and bottom cropping that happens, but a got couple that are not horrible. the following shots got a double click of the shutter. One I scanned on my 35mm holder, and the other I used the medium format holder. Just having some fun.
  2. No cropping
  3. In camera cropping...
  4. Cropping the dogs ears makes it artistic. I get what you were trying to say, Chris. Very moving.
  5. It's nice to see water pictures that show the water is actually moving.
  6. The sprocket holes over the image is rather cool, you may have started something!

  7. Tony... it is cool... but he didn't start something! BTW Christopher, I think this camera actually focuses at like 8 feet or something. You would expect cameras like this to have infinity focus but many of them do not and actually focus at about the distance where a full-sized adult would be standing up and fit in the frame. Many of these cameras are actually much sharper than most of the results from them because people don't realize there is an actual focus distance. The waterfall is really cool, lots of splashing going on with that one, someone must have put some extra rocks under the spillway!
  8. Thanks guys. I like to spool 35mm and run it through these oldies.

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