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  1. I assume many of you all have read Tintin's adventures. In "Tintin au Tibet" that was written in 1960, Tintin and captain Haddock climb the Himalaya mountains to save Tintin's Chinese friend, Tchang, who was in a plane that had crashed accross the mountains on its trip from Katmandu. As they are about to found the young boy, they are warned by the local peasants that the Yeti (the Himalayan snow monster, an old actual myth equiv. to the Loch Ness monster one) is around, so that captain Haddock tells Tintin to take the camera and try to shoot the creature if it comes around. Finally the camera and its flashgun prove to be a decisive part of the scenario :) According to the date of release of the album, it might be a Leica M already, but it rather seems to be a screw mount Leica. The M appears in another Herge album, "Les bijoux de la Castiafiore", in the hand of a people photographer named Walter Rizzotto, that is a clear tribute to the actual Belgian photog. Willy Rizzo. Yipes !
  2. And finally...
  3. r s

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    Kind of sort of looks like my own setup:

    Leica M3
  4. That's Diax IIa for sure!
  5. Thanks Roger ! You're a knowledge reserve :) I just searched the Net about Diax IIa, I discovered it, as well as the Voss brand I had never heard of before. Thanks to you and to Herge I'm less ignorant now ! "Je dirais meme plus" : I'm less an ignorant :) :)=
  6. I also got excited! It looks just like my Diax Ia (w/Xenar and
    Tele-Xenar), which looks just like the IIa. I suppose the IIa
    uses the windows for a rangefinder or something. Mine has the
    three windows as separate viewfinders for different lenses.

    It is quirky and, as you can imagine, takes wonderful photographs.
    I'm nuts over the Voss...the wind knob is a bit of a bugger, though.
  7. That's no Yeti! That's just an ordinary human who has put off getting a Leica for too long...See what happens?
  8. And talking about mistaken identification, it never fails to amaze me how legions of illustrators ALWAYS assume that an alpinist's ice axe is actually the same tool as a pick and would be used in the same way. Although I personally can testify that an ice axe would indeed double as a pick in an emergency, but that's a different story...
  9. Tin Tin has been a staple in my house since my daughter was old enough to read. She has
    all of Herge's works... oh yes, and the camera is mighty cool, too!
  10. Wow, nice tread. Didn't know there was such a camera. Guess there weren't any cameras in Asterix ever... but since the Paris Metro appeared once, it's worth a try. I'll check my collection
  11. I thought a Yeti was a white snow monster. This looks like a Sasquatch, aka Big Foot.
  12. O.D. of Rogaine?
  13. gib


    there was a news report in the NY TIMES recently about a sighting of a bird that was thought extinct, the ivory billed woodpecker, which used to be everywhere in the US South. The last previous sighting was 1944. A team went in to verify the new sighting and very quickly found the bird. The haunting aspect is that they saw just one. So is there only one. These woodpeckers live to an age of fifteen years.
  14. Did you guys have Rogaine in 1967? I should probably be using it now but I'll take the hair loss over the risks of a long-term drug therapy.
  15. Rogaine ? Whatzitt ?
  16. Rogaine is viagra for the scalp...
  17. Viagara ? Whatzitt ?
  18. It used to be that Rogaine was available by prescription only, and it was marketed very coyly by the company without specifically identifying it as a remedy for hair loss. Now, you can buy it over the counter and I'm sure there is a tendency to over-use the medication by those seeking a more youthful, hirsute appearance. Couple that to the likelihood that over-dosing is likely to lead to irritability, and I think you have completely explained the Yeti/Bigfoot phenomenon.
  19. If your spouse is irritable, hairy and horny, he/she is likely to be on both medications, or variants thereof.
  20. You all need to get back to work!
  21. In some south American countries, some sections of women show off hair as matter of pride. Interesting origins (reasons) for that.
  22. Yeti? I looks like the guy who lives down the street, to me.

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