A Beautiful Deco Wirgin

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by ralf_j., Nov 11, 2020.

  1. This one just made it to to my doorstep. Beautifully made, uncharacteristic of shoddy workmanship Wirgin is usually known for.

    Looked eerily familiar to a forgotten TLR i have somewhere and sure enough, according to McKeown this was made by Eho (Very similar to Altiflex) in 1940.

    Anyway, it needs a good cleaning and the shutter is working, so hopefully will take it out soon.

  2. Cool.
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  3. Looks pretty clean to me.. but appearances can be deceiving.. please do give it a good spit and polish.. that's a neat pedstal for cameras ..and the black and chrome is nicely contrasted.
  4. Not that's something a little unusual! Nice find, and a enjoyable project in the offing. Having a working shutter is a great start!
  5. Agreed Rick.
  6. It definitely is cosmetically clean, the Altiflex I have was pretty ratty considering it is 80 years old. Maintenance will just include the cleaning of anything glass, upon inspection with flashlight i see that the lenses have definitely gassed inside from lubricants, so as long as that is not stuck forever, then it should make for an enjoyable shooter :).

    As for the pedestal, that's just my deck solar lights :). a good support for to photograph new acquisitions when the weather hold out...
  7. Nice!

    Agree about the pedestal, too :)
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