A bag like this, but padded?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by michael_bacon, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Hey! I've only made two threads here, but I can tell this is one of the friendliest, most helpful forums around.
    So I saw a bag that seems perfect for my needs (barely big enough for a camera + lens and very cheap), but it has no padding.
  2. LowePro Messenger bags are padded. They are specifically designed to carry cameras and photo gear in a discrete fashion. Think Tank (www.thinktankphoto.com) makes similar products, including other styles designed for urban carry.
  3. Another consideration: If you find a custom messenger or tote bag you really like, but it isn't padded for camera gear, you can buy Domke inserts individually and use them to fit almost any other bag. I'm leaning toward the Lowepro Passport Sling as a versatile tote bag and might even swipe the padded inserts from my other bags to suit my preferences if the Lowepro insert doesn't suit me.
  4. Edward: The LowePro bag I linked to above is not padded. I haven't been able to find any LowePro messenger bags in the correct size that are padded.
    Think Tank messenger bags are way more than $20.
  5. Lex: good to see you again! Good advice. I'm thinking about putting this insert in a messenger bag I already have. Do they squish well if the bag is just a little too small?
  6. Some inserts are squishier than others. My old Beseler Lifestyle canteen bag has the ultimate in squishy inserts - the inserts feel like a Thinsulate winter parka, effective but flexible, with minimal protection. My old no-name giant shoulder bag has an insert with excellent padding but a rigid form that doesn't adapt to any other bag. My Domke F6 bag inserts seem to offer a reasonable compromise, with thin but tough closed cell foam, although not closed at the top like that Cosmos insert.
    While the closed cell foam typically used by Domke and others isn't particularly squishy, what makes a difference is how the ballistic nylon shells are designed. If there's a sort of hinge arrangement between each cell, it should offer a good compromise between protection and flexibility. If there's no hinge, it will offer more protection with less flexibility.
  7. Lex-I have a Lowepro Passport Sling; it's a great bag and holds a lot! cb :)
  8. Thanks, Charles. I have on old canvas sling that's about to wear out from use, but it was never good for camera gear - no padding. The Passport Sling looks like a good replacement, and would better better for toting a little camera gear too.
  9. Lex: Thanks, that's probably the way I'll go then. I already have a good bag I'm not using for anything, but it has no padding, so that seems appropriate.
  10. Camera bags are often sold used on eBay. Most of the time, use has been light because so many people are pursuing the "holy grail" of the "PERFECT CAMERA BAG".
    $20 however?, you'd do better to shop at a local thrift store, or maybe find a way back to 1958, where your 2014 dollars would be worth $2.58:
  11. I wasn't asking for a $20 bag, just one that was somewhat comparable in price to the $17.50 one I linked to, as I asked in my first post.
  12. Huh?
    Well, welcome to Photo.net. We're funnin' ya, boy. :)
  13. JDM: Whoops, I confused you with Edward, which led me to read a more defensive tone in your post. Edited my reply to make more sense.
  14. My final solution was an eBay auction. If I don't like it, maybe the insert will fit my messenger bag. =)
  15. Lex-I carry my Sony NEX-6 plus 2 extra Sony lenses (35mm and 55-210mm) plus my Canon S-95 point and shoot (emergency backup) in my Passport sling and, when traveling, can also put my iPod, iPad mini and/or iPod touch, extra cards and batteries, plus maps etc., etc. Great bag! cb :)
  16. http://store.lowepro.com/shoulder-bags/event-messenger-100
    It is padded, just not very much. You don't need much for a compact P&S. The list price is $40. LowePro makes other messenger style bags suitable for larger cameras. What's are you willing to spend in order to protect your gear?
  17. Edward: the lowest price possible to protect it well. If you look at the post above, you can see that I spent $18.38 on a solution that appears to have more padding than the $40 lowepro bag you linked to.
  18. [​IMG]
    Krumpler - Million Dollar Home series they have several sizes
    The one above is about a 4-5 Million in size
  19. Johnny: That does not resemble what I asked for at all. (The cheapest listing on eBay is $38 but has 2 days of bidding left.)
    I already bought my bag anyway, as you can see above.
  20. I haven't read everything here . . sorry if this has been covered.
    Two thoughts come to mind. Domke makes a series of padded inserts that can stand alone in about any bag. That is, they are not nylon covered slabs of velvroed foam that have to be pieced together.
    Second thought is the PhotoBackpacker system. A series of semi-rigid padded boxes that can be put into any bag. check their site for all the stuff. Their focus is on Large format, but I've got several DSLR lenses in these boxes right now . . .work great, and go into any bag (low-profile, stealth packing.)

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