__Huge Hasselblad sale list,503cw,5 lenses,rare backs, prisms

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  1. 503cw camera body in near new condition,with ACCUMATTE Screen $995<br>
    CW Motor drive grip asking $475. <br>

    Take both for $1,400<br>

    Lenses, all CF and all EXC+++ or better. Mint glass except 40

    50 FLE $1,299, near mint, perfect glass, original box<br>

    120 Makro CF $1,299, near mint , perfect glass<br>

    150 CF $900 near mint , perfect glass orig box. <br>

    180 CF $1,299 mint, perfect glass orig box<br>

    250 CF $995, perfect glass. mint<br>

    40 CF FLE, front element has a few light coating marks, no effect on performance<br>
    (priced $600 lower than street for that reason)<br>

    The rear element ,barrel and mechanics are all minty.<br>

    Original box, caps and fliter ring.

    Hasselblad Polarizer Filter Bay 60, mint in case $125 <br>

    Proshade 6093T (latest) Collapsible Professional Lens Shade, like new, in box with
    60 series adaptor ring $200 <br>
    Backs-years vary, all great shape <br>
    1 RARE A-16 Double exposure back. $275 <br>
    1 A-16 chrome, black, mint in the box $200 <br>
    3-A24's $225 each,chrome, all near mint
    A-24 black, exc+++, in orig box $200<br>
    2 Polaroid 100 backs $80 each, exc ++ $200<br>
    Finders <br>

    PM90 90 degree finder $325, near mint in orig box <br>

    NC2-100 45 degree finder (CAN use Polaroid backs' with this)
    orig box $225<br>

    HC3-70 90 degree finder long neck with diopter $125<br>

    Softar 1 Mint in the box $100 <br>

    Softar II near mint $90 <br>

    Extension rings <br>

    8, 32( orig box) $100 each

    Contour Hassy strap $40

    1" Nylon Hassy strap $25

    Panorama mask set $25

    645 mask set $25

    For more information contact me
  2. Why are you selling all those equipment? Are you going digital?
  3. You cannot advertise on this forum. Please use the classifieds.
  4. I will offer you $100 for the whole lot. After all, film is dead so why not let me help you dispose of your stuff?
  5. I just bought an Hasselblad 503CWD> I want to know the PM90 90 degree finder is compatible with 503CWD? Is the finder has a light meter too. I offer $250.00 and pay by PayPal. Thank you.
    An Nguyen
  6. An Nguyen,<br><br>The meter is compatible with that camera, and it (the PM90) does not (!) have a meter. Hasselblad prism finders that do have a metr built-in are recognizable by an "E" in their name (all except the two earliest versions).<br>So the PM90 does not have a meter, the PME90 does (the PM45 does not, the PME45 does, etc.).<br><br>But i wonder whether the particular finder Stephen was offering is still available; he posted his add almost 2 years ago, and i do hope for him that he has had enough luck to get rid of it all by now. ;-)

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