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  1. Hello, friends!

    I for a long time searched for myself fast portrait lense with a
    simple design. Trioplan has most approached under characteristics. I
    searched Portrait-Trioplan, but unsuccessfully... Also has found in
    Siberia in Russia at the descendant of photographers usual Trioplan.
    All inscriptions on it: Meyer Gorlitz Nr.1071127 Trioplan 3.5/210.
    Aperture range is 3.5-32 and it has 19 blades. Glass is uncoated.
    http://www.prorock.info/11/Trioplan.jpg I have bought it for 70$.
    From here the first question: it is not dear for Trioplan?

    Then I have noticed, that the maximal aperture is very similar with
    Portrait-Trioplan 8 1/4 inch f/3.2. I have compared schemes and have
    been strongly surprised by their similarity!
    http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/meyerc/p21.html At not-
    Portrait Trioplan aperture was 4.5, 6.3 etc and front glass-element
    was convex from two parties. And at mine, as well as at Portrait
    Trioplan a forward element convex in front and flat behind. Like
    that: http://www.prorock.info/11/Trioplan2.jpg But a back element
    from lateral aspect convex, and with internal almost flat - slightly
    convex. And at mine Trioplan the groove for lense-hood inside, not as
    Portrait Trioplan. Further the second question: my Trioplan is
    evolution of old Portrait Trioplan? How it will behave at shooting
    with the open aperture? (while I do not have opportunity it to
    photograph - I shall explain further).

    The girl who has sold to me this objective and the camera has told,
    that its parents photographers have taken out this camera from
    Germany precisely before war. But, by numbers from this reference
    http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=004uzc I have an
    objective of 1949. To whom to trust?:)

    And the most important question: with what shutter I can use this
    lens on mine Linhof Technika 6x9. I understand, the question can seem
    silly. But can be will approach Copal 1? The movements for portrait
    are not necessary to Me and objective 210mm Trioplan designet for
    5x7. There can be apertures Copal 1 (30mm opening) enough to make
    corner for wide-open f/3.5 aperture with lost-free light?

    With greater respect, -= Shtativ
  2. Shtativ, when I was a child we were terrified of the Soviet Union. One of the reasons was that you were so much better at mathematics than we were. Another misconception, I fear.

    An f/3.5 210 mm objective has a maximum aperture of 60 mm. Yes, I know, entrance pupil really. But still and all, that's much larger than a Copal 3. Ilex #5 will do.

    Buy if you want to mount the lens in front of a #1 for use on 6x9, that should work. I have some 210s that that I've shot on 6x9 mounted in front of a #1. I-51 (210/4.5), Boyer Beryl S (210/7.7), Konica Hexanon GRII (210/9). All cover 2x3 very well.

    Remember that all the shutter's aperture (30 mm wide open) does is vignette the outer part of the cone of light projected by the lens. It doesn't reduce illumination on the film plane, it reduces coverage.

    Good luck, have fun,
  3. DAN FROMM:: "when I was a child we were terrified of the Soviet Union. One of the reasons was that you were so much better at mathematics than we were."

    Nonsense! That's a typical comment from an American who doesn't know that 2+2=5 ... given an appropriate value of 2.
  4. Russian Federation, as well as other countries, it is not necessary to be afraid - it should be respected and loved ;-)

    Thanks for advice on a lens! My calculations were true - knowingly I have bought Copal #1 shutter.

    Somebody can answer the first 3 questions on this lens?

    -= Shtativ
  5. Hallo-o-o..

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