9x12 sheets?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by royall_berndt, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. My Voigtlander Avus is one of my best LF cameras. Are there any sources for 9x12 sheet film for this machine?
  2. Sure. - Foto Impex, Berlin? 9x12 remained common here in Europe. I have holders in that size for my Linhof too.
    AFAIK you can pre-order Ilford in less popular oddball formats about once per year. They seem to have one or two dealerships / country, taking such orders.
  3. It's just possible that Adorama and B&h have some on a dusty shelf. I will have to check on it and then look for a place that develops the stuff!
  4. Better do that before your film quest. Prices charged might be quite prohibitive... LF shouts for home processing.
  5. Better still, get the equipment needed to process the film yourself.
    It is not difficult.
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