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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by kent_phelan, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. I am looking for filters for black & white use on a Schneider 72mm
    SA-XL lens. I have had a couple of B+W filters on backorder from
    B&H since April, with no ETA in sight. I'm looking for the usual
    suspects -- yellow, orange, red, green, etc. I leave for a trip in
    2 weeks and need to find something in stock, new or used OK. All
    help appreciated. Thanks much.
  2. Kent,

    Here is a pair of yellow and red B+W slim line in mint condition:

  3. Im in the same boat your in, in the mean time, I am using Kodak wratten filters, and they work fine.

  4. I purchased a 95mm Tiffen 12 yellow from B&H a few years ago. It was pricy but I wanted the # 12. They said that B&W didn't make the #12.

    BEWARE! Tiffen filters from 86mm & larger are considered "TV" filters and as such you can NOT screw in a lens shade into the filter. They don't have front female threads!

    I had to keep it as it was a special order. I needed the filter for my 300mm f/4 Penatcon but now there's no way to attach the lens hood.

    Nikon 95mm filters pop up on ebay every now and then.
  5. Kent I use the very same lens and find it almost impossible to get the glass filters I want. I have been using Lee resin filters for a couple of years now - the quality is excellent plus the range is huge. Check out www.lee.co.uk for the range. I usually buy mine from Robert White : www.robertwhite.co.uk or +44 1202 723046.
  6. You might try Photomark in the Phoenix area. I bought a 95mm filter for my Pentax 67 there. Their phone is (602) 244-1133 or 1 800 777-6627 or email at info@photomark.com.
  7. Thanks to all! I bought a used 95mm B+W yellow filter from Chuck Farmer. It arrived today and is in perfect condition.

    I appreciate all your help.


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