90mm f4 Macro Elmar...I am impressed...

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by luigi v, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Dear Forum Pals, today I have finally scanned a few negatives shot during my recent trip to India (a
    photographer's heaven...!) and I must admit I have been really impressed by the results got out of the 90
    MME (without macro adapter, I am still looking for a good deal on that...anybody out there?)...This lens is
    a joy to use, very light, perfect for street photography, portrait and even architecture shots...!!!
    Nice bo-keh, sharp enough, easy to handle and focus...a real surprise!
    I have uploaded a few shots from my trip in my Photo.net portfolio (I am a not very good photographer
    though but hey, I like taking pictures...) and it would be nice if some of you had the time and the curiosity
    to go and check them out and may be comment on it...
    Thanks guys!
  2. another one...
  3. here...
  4. and another one...
  5. here again...
  6. Luigi: I really like images 1 and 3 in particular - interesting subject matter, good composition, good colour.
    And yes, it's a great lens. I suspect many will pass it by because f4 is thought to be 'unsexy', but I think it's unbeatable on several fronts: razor sharp, extremely compact, versatile.
    Keep looking for the macro adapter - they are rare secondhand, but worth having as the lens is a very competent macro performer. You will find the right angle finder very useful if you get the adapter...but that's more expense again!
  7. Lovely, Luigi!
  8. Nice photos. Thank you

    My 90 4.0 50 2.8 35 2.0 make a grab and go kit for most anything.

    I am becoming a fan of collapsible lenses. I will let you know about any deals on the macro adapter right after I find one for yours truely.
  9. Lovely photos. The 90mm Macro Elmar is indeed a compact travel package! I've been tempted on occasion to buy one, but have been discouraged by the slowish f4. I may yet turn to one when I tire of lugging the APO 'cron around.
  10. Yes, it is tempting, isn't it? A lovely lens! Frederick, I find my thin Tele-Elmar a lot easier to lug around than my 90AA. And it has good balance on the camera. It's been my travel 90 since I bought it, at least for airline trips. Foa car trip, I'm more inclined to find room for the AA.
  11. 90mm is a great travel FL. My favorite photo of the Taj, which hangs above my computer, was taken with the 90 Elmar.
  12. Luigi, I have been enamoured with this lens since first released. One of most under rated in Leica stable. Yes, it is f4 but it makes up for speed in sooo many other ways.

    I have gallery of 90 MEM shots at www.pbase.com/jonathangraham

  13. What Jonathan said (except his link seems to show some dodgy old bloke smoking a spliff!)
  14. Some more pics of the 90 MME here...(hope the link works...)
  15. Luigi, some of those shots feature a fair bit of vignetting (starting with frontal Taj), any idea what that's about?
  16. Noctilux vignettes, John. One needs an M8 (crop plus micro lenses) to fix that.
  17. Mmm...John, probably what Vivek said, plus of course my limited photographic
  18. Luigi,

    thanks very much for posting, I really like some of your shots, well done.
    I have the old old version of the 90mm Elmar which I really love, technically no match for
    the new version but still a very usable and dependable travel lens.I have been thinking for
    a long time to 'upgrade' but if I do then I will render my old friend to retirement which is
    just too sad!
    So I will keep shooting with the old one until I can resist no longer, but your post surfaced
    my desire for this lens once again....cheers
  19. Luigi...

    I was in India twice last year for business. I could not agree more about how photographically rich India is. Color, texture,movement abound at every turn. It is stimulating to say the least.

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