8x12 paper?

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  1. The native aspect ratio of 35mm (and APS and Full Frame) is 3:2, yet the only paper I can find in that aspect ration is 4x6 (13x19 is closee enough). Does anyone know why no paper is produced in 8x12?
  2. In general, there's a big disconnect between paper mfgr's and camera makers and picture frame makers.
    Either 11x17 or 13x19 is very close to 1.5 ratio. Are you saying that you do not crop the image after the capture? Honestly, I crop to my desired composition and let the borders fall where they may on a large sheet (ie. I may end up w/ 2" border top and bottom and less on left/right)
  3. Of course, you could just buy 17x25 and cut it down for minimal waste or otherwise find a reasonable size to cut down. RedRiver will custom cut too if you find one of their papers you like and are willing to invest in minimum custom quantity (500 sheets?)
  4. It can be found. Either in cut sheets, or you could cut your own 8x12 sheets from 16" or 24" rolls.
    See here (cut sheets):
    Or here (rolls):
  5. I guess Inkpress doesn't update their website too much. 8x12 isn't listed for that paper.
  6. Most of the Inkpress papers appear to be available in 24" rolls, so you can get just about any finish in 8x12 if ya cut yer own. :)
  7. if the OP wants to go 'roll' and cut, then the majority of decent papers are possible. He will have to deal w/ decurl though, esp at the end of the roll.
  8. You can print 7 X 10-1/2 on 8-1/2 X 11 paper with a nice border, with no trimming.
  9. The problem of paper size vs. negative size is ancient, and digital resizing nowadays is easier than physically 'crop marking' a negative.
    I am positive the roots of this are historical and customary, not unlike the often-referred to mismatch between the number of hotdogs in a package and the number of buns in their packages (see a stab at the latter at link).
  10. Then of course we have a big chunk of the rest of the world having adopted metric A0, AI....A6 etc.

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