8x11 flash with TLX

Discussion in 'Minox' started by kingson__, Nov 4, 1999.

  1. Dear Mr. Tai:


    What is the best distance to use the 8 x11 flash with the TLX?
    Since the flash is operating at full power, I have found that pictures taken with the flash are less than satisfactory.
  2. Kingson, it depends on the ASA/DIN speed of the film. I put a sticker on my 8x11 flash:
    • ASA 25 2M/1M
    • ASA 100 4M/2M
    • ASA 400 8M/4M
    • The smaller number is with ND filter.
      Example, if you use Minopan 100, then the object distance is around 4 M, if you object is about 2 M, then put on the ND filter.

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