8x10 film development, tray only or alternatives?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by martin_pistor, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. Hi folks,
    whereas there are a lot of guys with experience in the real large
    format are around here there might be a hint available.

    How do you process your big sheets (8x10)???????

    Is there a tank-system available wich can be handled under light (of
    course after loading in darkness) comparable to the jobo drums (I
    only found drums for 4x5 and heared about one for 5x7) or are you all
    developing the stuff in trays and total darkness, or inside paper
    drums one sheet after the other???


  2. In the very beginning, I used trays, then went to metal hangers and 3 1/2 gallon tanks.
  3. i use btz tubes. they work fine. you can also, if you want, make them yourself. these can be done in the light, and the developement is uniform.
  4. I use trays, but tubes are popular and tanks and hangers for higher volume.
  5. Jobo expert drums on a beseler motor base....best way to go..!

    There is an expert drum for 8x10 which you can use to develop.
  6. Unicolor print drums work fine; the 8x10 drum will do of course one sheet while the 11x14 drum will hold two sheets. Agitate by rolling on a tabletop or use the motorized Uniroller.

    I've accumulated several 11x14 drums so I can just run one two-sheet load after another; otoh I have a low volume but if I had more I'd go with a Jobo expert drum.

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