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Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by vincent_vega|1, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. im planning on buying the new minolta A2 and was wondering what size
    memory card i should buy?
  2. A large one is the obvious answer.
    A 512 MB card holds approx 60-100 x-fine jpegs at max res, or approx 40 RAW images. Maybe 2 1 GB cards or 4 512 MB cards depending on your opinion on eggs in baskets would be a good start.
  3. jbs


    Sir, how do you intentend to use the camera? This will answere the question....;)...J
  4. i intend on shooting scenery mostly and im also going on vacation to Ireland in two months and i plan on taking allot of pictures there.
  5. You can never have too many memory cards. Or invest in a digital image tank (i.e. portable mini-HD system or CD-burning system).

    Or a laptop.
  6. start with 2x 512 cards, and if you need more then that buy them later, i just got 2 512s for my D70 which should be here today, if i need more space ill get more cards
  7. Vincent Vega?!
    Are you shooting movies?
  8. I shoot Raw with a 6mp and have 1x1GB card. Storing the 70images through USB1 takes about half an hour so I'd like to have a second card to continue shooting. I haven't decided which kind of image tank will be the best for me. -I know USB1 is old, but are you 150% sure you'll find USB2 everywhere? - This would mean you'd need to own 2 (!) modern Notebooks...
  9. jbs


    Then I recommend 2 512's and a 1 gig if you can afford it. The multiple card seperates your exposure to loss or damage. If you shoot in fine jpg mode you should have enough memory there for the trip, (assuming all shots at 8mgp) you will have more than 400 shots.

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